Deep Learning

The only dynamic in Nature.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

There is only one dynamic in Nature. It is the conservation of a circle. Meaning there is a mandatory circle between (and surrounding) any zero and one. Any X and-or Y.

Conservation of a Circle

This means the number two is the only number in Nature.

One and One
One and Two


This explains everything in technology. Because any movement from zero to one (one to zero) resolves to, and is dependent on (is explained by), the circular relationship between circumference and diameter (zero and one) (literal) (figurative).

Zero to One
One to Zero
Circumference and Diameter

This causes us to think about the motivation for technology. Why do humans need tools (technology) in order to survive?

This is because the human, at this point, on some level, has not embraced (and-or accepted) the circular relationship between life and death. The natural reality called ‘death.’ Explaining homicide and suicide and health care in general.

Life and Death


Meaning, Nature is designed to continue no matter what a human does. Meaning, as we all know from ancient religion, there is no beginning and no end to anything.

Beginning and End

This explains why this diagram articulates a circuit (a semiconductor) (everything in technology) (everything in Nature)(sex in general).

Circuit (SemiConductor)

It also articulates the representation of any ‘reality’ by the combination of a zero and a one (an unlimited number of zeroes and ones) (an unlimited variation of zeroes and ones) (an unlimited combination of zeroes and ones).

Zero and One

Because there is a mandatory circle between an individual and a group (all disciplines).

Individual and Group


This means pi controls everything in Nature. Everything in reality. Everything in technology. Where ‘pi’ is an ‘other’ name for (what a human labels) ‘mind.’ Meaning a computer, as we all know, has a ‘mind’ of its own.


This explains what will happen in the future. As well as everything that happened in the past. And everything that is happening in the present.

Future-Past (Past-Future)

Meaning, we already know everything we are ever going to know. And technology cannot change this.


This is because ‘if circumference’ ‘then diameter’, and, always vice versa, is endemic to an always-present (uber-simple) (uber-basic) circle. Explaining movement in general (stillness in general). The circular relationship between movement and stillness (variable and constant).

Conservation of the circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature. Essential to understand (know about) if you are a ‘technologist’ (of any kind). If you are a ‘leader’ in any system. If you care about the ‘future’ (the present) (and-or the past). Answering all of the ‘outstanding’ questions, and solving all of the ‘supposed’ problems, a human has.



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