Deep Mind

The explanation for intelligence.

Intelligence is based on the difference (and, therefore, the similarity) between X and Y. (X and X) (X and X’)

So, to understand intelligence we have to figure out where X and Y originate.

X and Y is 0 and 1. How do we know this?

There is a circular relationship between X and Y (any X and Y) (every X and Y).

We ‘know’ this because X and Y are joined and separated by an imaginary line which is both diameter and circumference of a circle.

This is proven because a zero is a circumference (a circle). And a one is a diameter (a line).

Which proves ‘pi’ is the only ‘observer.’ (The only ‘actor’ in Nature.) (What humans label ‘mind.’)

So this gives us the basis for technology (zeroes and ones). And, also, biology (zeroes and ones). The explanation for neuroscience and biotech in general (and specific) (zeroes and ones in general and specific).

We have to use a diagram in order to work this out (understand it properly).

This explains everything. Including (and, perhaps, especially,) intelligence. Artificial. Virtual. Real.

It is, clearly, because, the conservation of a circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dyanamic in Nature.



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