Detaching from ‘Everything’

Attaching to (and benefitting from) what you already know.

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We’re living in a reality called ‘chaos.’ This never changes because, technically, the universe is unknowable to humans (even though we’d like to believe the opposite). Always in a state of (what humans would call) ‘chaos.’

Proving Reality

We can prove this, easily, because the conservation of a circle conserves whatever we know as ‘reality.’ (Including the universe, and everything in it.) (Also, known, to humans, as ‘Nature.’)

Conservation of a Circle

That is, yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern). Also known, sexually, as female and male (any X and-or Y).

Yin and Yang
Zero and One
Female and Male

So, this means the human mind is, technically, in mathematics (and otherwise) ‘pi.’ Where, in the Bible, for instance, the mythological (and-or metaphorical) ‘proof’ for this was (and is) Noah’s ark. (Pi needs both diameter and circumference in order to succeed.)

Confusing Two with One

That is, as we all know, ‘two’ is the magic number (it is not possible to have the number one without the number two, and, always, vice versa).


So, the diagram shows us all of the processes in Nature. That is, it is not possible to have a process (pi) (P) without an input (diameter) (I) and an output (circumference)(O). (A one and a zero, literally, and figuratively.)

Where, from Nature’s point of view, I=O=P (input equals output equals process) because from a circle’s point of view pi = diameter = circumference. (Zero is, half-the-time, one, and-or, zero is, all-the-time, one, because it is not possible to have half-the-time without all-the-time (and, again, always, vice versa) because a simple circle is conserved.)

The Diagram is Constant (No Matter What You Call It)

Meaning, it’s not possible to have one without two without three (pi without diameter and circumference), and, technically, then, to Nature (and to the human mind) there is no such thing as one, two, and-or, three (no such thing as pi, diameter, circumference) (no such thing as input, output, process).

So, pi constructs ‘one’ ‘two’ and ‘three’ as different versions of the same reality (pi is constant) (therefore, nothing changes, even though, to humans, everything changes). Where a human (pi, technically) is able to separate one, two, and three (X, Y, Z), because Nature is unable to separate one, two, three (Nature sees same and different as same and same.) (And, all of us, are able to do the same (X and X is X and Y) (X is X) (X is not X) (X is Y).

So, if you take some time to think this through, you will realize all of the yin and yang in any universe (yours) (mine) (Nature’s) comes from (and goes back to) the diagram (the diagram is reality) (and all the rest is, well, whatever you want to call it).

Come Clean with Your ‘Self’ (Detach)

So, this explains why, as we start to understand what’s really going on (in relationships) (with sex in general) (and, thus, in ‘reality’ in general) we detach. All of us. No matter where we are. No matter who we are. And no matter what’s going on around us.

Constant ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ (X and Y) means opposition (the argument) (fighting) (chaos) (discomfort) (bad stuff) is unavoidable, and unlimited, technically.

Meaning we’re half-the-time in-conflict, no matter what we do (someone or something is half-the-time in conflict with us). Explaining, if you think about it carefully, detachment.

Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature. So, detach. And rethink everything in, what you are experiencing as, your ‘reality.’ Factor in the 50–50 in everything you do, and, then, think it through (Coming Clean — Musical Notes — Medium).

And, also:

Music is an obvious example of chaos (the conservation of a circle) trying, constantly, to resolve its ‘self.’ (Where, everything is changing, even though, underneath it all, nothing is changing.) The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store



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