The lexicon of the decentrailzed exchange. Price discovery as the tokenization (think: explanation) of reality (and time).

The lexicon of the decentralized exchange, including, and, especially, the discovery of price, illustrates (and proves) the tokenization of reality (in simple, accessible, and ‘real,’ terms) (where this sentence, and all of the elements in the sentence (read:tokens), including the (supposed) ‘meaning’ of this sentence (the ‘sentence’) is, necessarily, a token) (this token) (these tokens):

Price Discovery
Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
Lexicology (LEX)
(Creation of) Sentence (Decoding of)
Words Elements Numbers

This explains everything in crypto-technology (fintech, defi, NFT, smart contract, blockchain, et. al.), including (and especially) fractionalization, securitization, collateralization (where all of these are, obvious, examples of, tokenization):


Where the tokenization of price discovery is accessible to any token (you, and-or I) (sign on to Coinbase Pro, select ‘trade,’ select ‘depth,’ to see buyer and seller engaged to determine price) (where price is the tokenization of time) (where price is the tokenization of buyer and seller) (buyer) (seller) (where exchange is the tokenization of tokenization) (any token is the tokenization of tokenization) because the whole thing (everything in technology) (all zeroeos and ones) (everything in ‘reality’) (everything in Nature) is the tokenization of tokenization (the tokenization of time) (the conservation of a circle) (where, again, obviously, the ‘words’ get in the way…):

Conservation of the Circle

Conservation of the Circle provides the lexicon for the decentralized exchange (the token for tokenization) (everything in Nature).

One Zero. One One. Biomemetics: The Tokenization of Reality eBook: Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

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