E = mc2

Solving the Dark Energy Problem: Two is either zero or one. Technically, zero and-or one. Half-the-time zero. Half-the-time one.

Energy equals mass. In all cases. Since you cannot have movement without mass (and, always, vice versa). (And without or).

So, this exposes the ‘problem’ with conventional mathematics. Where zero and one is, always, zero or one. (Zero is, technically, half-the-time, one.)

Meaning, technically, you cannot have a zero without a one (energy without mass) because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter.

Dark and-or Light (Energy in General)

This solves the ‘dark energy’ problem, since, in space, you cannot have ‘space’ without ‘mass’ (zero without one).

And, that’s all there is to physics (cosmology) (mathematics).

Meaning, if c is zero (e=m*0), no energy, no mass (dark energy). If c is one (e=m*1) both energy and mass (light energy).

Nature’s Constant (50–50) (Zero and-or One)

Where, technically, and, realistically, there are, from a human’s point of view, ‘two’ constants in Nature. The ‘zero’ and the ‘one.’

However, because the ‘zero’ is, technically (literally and figuratively), circumference, and ‘one’ is, technically (literally and figuratively), diameter, pi controls the human’s interface (interaction) with ‘energy.’

Movement in General (Nothing, Underneath, is Moving)

Explaining why humans are always ‘moving…’ (There is mandatory circular relationship between ‘stillness’ and ‘movement.’)

Where underneath it all, it’s pi that explains, and controls, rotation, revolution, and, radiation. (Movement in general.)

Meaning, technically, there is no such thing as zero, one, or two. (Energy, mass, light). (Movement in general).

Conservation of an Uber-Simple Circle

Because the conservation of a circle explains and controls everything. (A circle can only circle, and, only a circle can circle.)

Meaning, we can use the zero and the one to imagine any ‘natural’ reality. Which explains the human’s interest in (and addiction to) ‘technology.’

Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in Nature.



Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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