East vs West, Ancient vs Modern, You vs Me

What culture wars teach us about life. And, the universe.

Yin vs yang. (Photo by AO)

Ancient thinkers, and ancient cultures, had, and have, an advantage. Everything reduced to yin and yang, the ancient version of zero and one. This not only simplified reality, it simplifies the understanding of human behavior, and, also, integrates human behavior with nature’s behavior.

Complementarity is the basis for identity, because duplicity is the basis for a unit, any system, discipline, timeframe, spaceframe.

Today, eastern cultures are pitted in battles against the west (and vice versa). By now, it’s clear to see, neither one has an advantage. Yin and yang, are, still, and, only, zero and one. Complementarity integrates competition and cooperation, meaning, from nature’s point of view, differentiation and integration are, exactly, the same.

This is because east and west (any X and-or Y) articulate, and, thus, conserve a circle. Meaning, you have to have both, in order to have either. Easterners are moving to the west, and westerners are moving to the east, with everything in-between, the global set-up for, a trading situation.

This means a liability is an asset, and, it’s impossible to get ahead. To stay ‘ahead.’ There is no ‘ahead’ on a circle. Only 50–50. Virtual reality. Artificial intelligence. Deep Learning. Zero. And-or, one.

Zero and one are X and Y. No matter how you code them. Yin, and-or, yang. Or, otherwise. X and X. X and X’.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.