Eliminating the Speed of Light as a ‘Constant’

Substituting ‘Conservation of the Circle.’

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At the Planck scale, meaning, at the most basic scale, or, at the ‘place’ where there is no ‘scale,’ from ‘Planck’s’ point of view, there are only ‘five’ units: time, charge, temperature, length, and mass.

Time. Charge. Termperature. Length. Mass.

All of these are ‘entropic’ forces. Meaning they are ‘cancelled’ out by, what a human calls, ‘negation.’

Force. Anti-Force.

That is, any ‘movement’ (read: ‘force’) makes the opposing ‘movement’ (force) real.

Movement. Opposing Movement. (Complementary Opposition) (Complementary Identity)

That is, technically, there are only ‘two’ forces in Nature. Or, two ‘constants’ in Nature. Meaning, technically, there is only one ‘constant’ (one ‘force’) in Nature. Eliminating the need for (use of) the ‘Planck’ scale (‘scale’ altogether).

Constant Variable (Variable Constant)

That is, technically, there is no such thing as ‘constant,’ because the ‘constant’ is a variable. Meaning, technically, all of the ‘units’ in Nature are bound by (subjects of) the conservation of a circle.

This is because zero and one (information in general) is, technically, circumference and diameter (the conservation of a circle). (Abstractions in general.)

Zero and One (Conservation of the Circle)
Physical Abstraction (Noun) (Verb)

This eliminates, or, perhaps, if it is more ‘comfortable’ for ‘you,’ duplicates (negates) the speed of light (light altogether).

This is because there is a circular (and linear) relationship between light and dark (movement and stillness). (Sound is an infinite circle. Light is an infinite line.) (Infinity is both zero and one (either zero or one).)

Light and Dark
Still and Moving
And (and-or) Or

Meaning, all of the ‘words’ in this article, no matter what they ‘signify,’ force, no-force, constant, no-constant, negation, duplication, time, charge, speed, temperature, length, mass, entropy, etc. are bound (duplicated) (negated) by the conservation of a circle (explaining the ‘unit’ in general and, also, specific).

Unification. Unitization.
Negation. Duplication.

Meaning, ‘pi’ is the only constant (the only force) (the only observer) (the only ‘unit’) (the duplication of ‘units’) in Nature.

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, and, therefore, the most important, dynamic in Nature.

The Literal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics — The Circular Theory — Medium




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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Ilexa Yardley

Author, The Circular Theory

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