Emmett Fox Speaks: Engaging Transcendentalism to Maximize Time

How to apply transcendental thinking.

Transcendental man.

If you are a Christian, and you want to apply your philosophy to your decisioning about life, take some time with Emmett Fox, and his definition of time and space (the relationship of absolute and relative identity) (they both conserve a circle).

That is, how you think about a subject makes it so (mind and matter share an uber-basic circle). Thoreau’s Walden is an icon and an ode to transcendental meditation (mediation), spelled out in black and white by Emmett Fox (new thought, Christian thinking) (transcendentalism). Christian thinking is tied to all the other religions by the Dao (Tao) (Lao Tzu). All religion began with a cave-dweller’s painting to help people use light (seasons) for planting, hunting and sex. This became astrology, and, then later, religion, and then later, astronomy. (Memorialized and translated, again, by Emmett Fox.) (Available at any AA meeting.)

Meaning, Jungian psychology ties us back through time to understand the integration and the consternation of complementary opposition (astrology before astronomy). This matches Einsteinian relativity, and ties it, mathematically, to Noether’s theorem. But this is complicated. Emmett Fox simplifies it. After you have had some time to think about his strings of characters (words upon a page). You will have to find a Walden for your self. You get this. You, definitely, don’t need me to tell you (and vice versa).