Engaging with The Circular Theory

Yin and yang (as) zero and one.

The ‘Basics’

Yin and yang is zero and one:

Yin and yang. Zero and one.


Meaning, zero and one is one and two:

Zero and one. One and two.

Because zero and one is circumference and diameter:

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter.

Meaning, if zero, then one (if one, then zero):

If zero, then one. If one, then zero.


Because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter. Meaning two (not-one) is the most basic (only) number in Nature:

Two. Not-one.

Proving two is (is-not) one (explaining both duplication and negation)

Is. Is-not.

Meaning, you can decide for yourself (you will have to decide for yourself) whether the diagram is more correctly ‘named’ two. Or, one.

Two. Or, one.


Proving the most basic ‘identity’ in any ‘universe’ is both ‘two’ and ‘one’ (diameter and circumference). You need either to have both (you need both to have either). (Explaining complementarity and identity.)


Proving the only ‘model’ for a ‘universe’ (any size, location) is identified above (and below) (many ways to name the same universe). At least (and at most, really) two-names to articulate a ‘universe.’


Explaining all of the ‘arguments’ in a (and about the) ‘universe.’



Explaining why there is no such thing as a (complete) (perfect) ‘justice’ system. We’re bound to get it ‘wrong’ half-the-time.


Explaining why you cannot give or take away ‘freedom.’


Explaining, also, why we have to rely on our own system of ‘morality,’ in order to ‘survive.’



Explaining, also, why we have to ensure we are adhering to the ‘collective’ system of ‘morality.’


Explaining why you can’t depend on any ‘one’ version of the ‘truth.’


Explaining why we are ‘already where’ we are ‘thinking’ we (may decide we) ‘want’ to ‘go.’


Personal Choice

Meaning we can’t depend on anyone else to tell us what we already ‘know.’

Knowledge. Wisdom.

Proving ‘boredom’ is, perhaps, and, probably, the only ‘true’ enemy.


While the rest of everything ‘else’ is ‘superfluous.’ (Duplicitous. Redundant.)


Expectation (and, Observation)

Why we can all ‘expect’ to experience our ‘expectations.’ (And, 50–50, exactly, half-the-time, not).

Why it’s impossible (completely possible) to escape (ignore) the ‘opposing’ point of view.

Meaning, no matter what’s happening ‘around’ you, you’re completely on-your-own (as you, always, knew).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.




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