Escapism: Unavoidable in Technological Reality

Addiction to technology. And-or, opioids. What causes it?

Escapism. (Photo by Pawel Nolbert)

It doesn’t take a genius to see, and say, we’re all addicted to the zero and the one. Meaning, we’re all addicted to technology. And, in one way or another, opioids.

As if you did not know this.

The deeper question is, ‘Why?’

I used to have a manager who recommended I stop asking ‘why.’ If you are a parent, you know why ‘why’ is annoying. Yet, in today’s world, ‘why’ is essential.

Addiction surrounds us, and not just addiction to technology. And-or, addiction to opioids. There’s addiction to food, addiction to make-up, addiction to sex, addiction to self. Addiction to alcohol. Addiction to spending. Addiction to lying. Addiction to anger. Or sadness. Or happiness. Whatever. It’s escapism, in general. Escapism, all the way around. So, yea. We have to ask. Why?

If I point out the reproductive system of a plant is dependent on the reproductive system of a human, you will understand. Completely. As far as addiction and the plant.

Now think of technology as a reproductive system, dependent on the reproductive system of a human, and, also, the reproduction of a plant, and you will understand everything about everything.

It’s all based on a reproductive system. It’s not escapism, at all. Or, after all.

It could be considered escapism from boredom. Escapism from escapism. Escapism is nature’s way of teaching us what nature is all about. Reproducing to survive. Surviving to reproduce. These form a perfect circle. Escapism is not involved, and, yet, it is involved.

It’s the circle that’s really all-involved (masquerading as addiction) (repetitive behavior) (that gets us nowhere) (anywhere).

So, nature is involved. And, technology is involved. Zero and one is involved. We want to escape the boring stuff, the uncomfortable stuff, the real stuff. No matter what’s involved.

Zero and one is circumference and diameter. Explaining why, and how, a basic circle is involved. Not that complicated. But it takes some thinking. Clear thinking. Where escapism is definitely involved. (Escapism evolved.)

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (explaining repetitive behavior in general).