Euclid’s Error: The Mathematics behind Foucault, Deleuze, and Nietzsche

Pi-Diameter-Circumference is One-Two-Three (Zero-One-Two)

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The conservation of a circle is the basis for reality. The core dynamic in Nature. And the explanation for physics, philosophy, and psychology. (All disciplines, actually.)

It can only be articulated like this:

This is because zero and one is, more technically, circumference and diameter.

Providing humans with technology. And a tangible explanation for mathematics, all the way back through (what humans label) ‘time.’

Zero and One
Circumference and Diameter

This is because the conventional articulation for a circle is a circumference. And the conventional articulation for a line is a diameter. Thus, you have to use this diagram if you want to understand either. Or both.

Circle (Circumference)
Line (Diameter)

This explains the confusion that persists whenever we try to explain ‘reality.’ Because reality, to a human, is the circular relationship between abstract and concrete. Thus, we need a concrete abstraction if we really want to ‘understand’ ‘reality.’

Abstraction (Noun and-or Verb)

Meaning, Euclid’s error involves the correct articulation, so a human can discern, a correct explanation for, what a human labels ‘mind.’

Where everything in mathematics, and everything in ‘reality,’ involves the mind, because everything in mathematics, and everything in ‘reality,’ involves ‘abstraction’ as a noun, and abstraction as a verb.

Meaning, technically, ‘pi’ is the only reality. (Thus, the diagram is the correct articulation (and abstraction) for reality.)

And, yes. This is (very) abstract.

To clear:

This is brand new ‘stuff.’ For thought leaders (who will lead all the rest of ‘us’) to a more cogent understanding of ‘reality.’ Where, as all of us, already, know, we make our own ‘reality.’ ‘Euclid’s Error’ explains ‘why.’

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Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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