Every Other Day: Offense, Defense

50–50 tells your ‘story.’ Nature’s ‘story.’

Offense. Defense. 50–50. (Photo by Jules D)

If you micro-manage (observe) your behavior, carefully, you will notice, very quickly, 50–50 tells your ‘story.’ That is, every other day, offense, defense.

This can seem confusing. At first. Until you pay attention. Conservation of the circle is the underlying dynamic in Nature. And, it looks like this:

Conservation of the circle.

That is, zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally, and, figuratively. Meaning, you cannot have a zero without a one, because, you cannot have a circumference without a diameter. Proving 50–50 is the ‘base relationship’ undermining everything.

Symbolic Circularity: Everywhere

This explains why you cannot have ‘literal’ without ‘figurative.’ Symbolic, circular, behavior, is involved in, and controls, everything.

Therefore, half-the-time, zero. The other-half, one. Meaning, half-the-time, literal. The other half, symbolic (figurative).

Meaning, half-the-time, offense. The other-half, defense.

Any X and-or Y is ‘half-the-time’ ‘real.’ (Half-the-time X, half-the-time Y.)

This is because, and, underneath it all, we all, already, ‘know’ this, complementarity is the basis for identity.

Examples, day and night, yes and no, here and there, then and now. You cannot have day without night, yes without no, here without there, then without now. That is, complementaritiy is required for (any, every) ‘identity.’

The Number Two: Ubiquitous

Meaning, the number ‘two’ is the basis for (and is the correct arithmetic ‘name’ for) ‘one.’ Again, it looks like this:

Zero and one. One and two. (Offense, defense).

So, this explains the relationship between circularity and relativity.

Meaning you can substitute one word for an ‘other.’ You can say it’s day, even when it’s night (north when south, east when west) because any ‘identity’ makes the opposing ‘identity’ real. Explaining ‘opposition,’ sequence, and, ‘why’ ‘everything’ ‘happens,’ fairly easily.

Therefore, as we all know, offense is defense. And defense is offense. And you cannot have one without the other.

From Nature’s point of view, offense and defense are always 50–50. As is ‘everything’ in Nature. Despite what we are taught, or, what we ‘observe.’

Observation: Predictable and Unreliable at the Same Time

Observation and observer, like everything else in Nature, share a 50–50 circle. Turning the observation, always, into an (oppositional) ‘observer.’

So, this allows all of us to examine our ‘expectations.’ And our assumptions. So we can ‘align’ our ‘expectations’ (and assumptions) with Nature.

‘Expect’ 50–50 to rear its ugly (beautiful) ‘head,’ no matter what we do (see or say).

Therefore, the super-smart side of you knows when, and, more importantly, why, to ‘ignore’ the ‘ugly’ things happening around you. And, also, the ‘beautiful’ things. Whatever it is, the ‘other’ side will appear. Eventually. Guaranteed.

Human Nature: Duplicitous

Which explains human behavior. All behavior. In Nature. Human nature, as a symbolic, circular, metaphor, for (everything in) Nature.

Human. Nature.

That is, the offensive-defensive side of all of us focuses on 50–50, and we all expect 50–50, X and Y (zero and one), behavior. Consciously, half-the-time. Unconsciously (subconsciously), half-the time.

So, again, be aware of, and pay close attention to, your own behavior, before you engage with ‘others.’ 50–50 has your back. Kicks your a__. Equalizing, and, stabilizing, Nature.

Meaning, whatever you ‘observe’ is half-the-time, totally, ‘wrong.’

Hidden Reality: Defensive Offense

Explaining the mysterious (unexplainable) (not-so-obvious) (always-hidden) side of every ‘one.’ How and why it surfaces. Why you have to ‘defend’ against it.

Why, whether you realize it, or not, everyone is expressing ‘defensive’ behavior when dealing with ‘you.’ And, always, vice versa.

So, over time, it’s uber-easy to ‘see’ this. Even though, half-the-time, by Nature, it’s pretty difficult to ‘see’ this. Offense. Defense. Half-the time. All the time.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.


Ilexa Yardley is the author and the editor of The Circular Theory.




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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Ilexa Yardley

Ilexa Yardley

Author, The Circular Theory

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