Exchangeable Realities

Binge-watch ‘Yellowstone.’ It’s proof the conservation of a circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature.

Conservation of a Circle

If (and when) you binge-watch ‘Yellowstone,’ you will exchange your reality for the Duttons’ (and all the rest of the cast), where you, and they (your family, friends, and enemies, and theirs) are interchangeable, because the conservation of a circle is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic in Nature.

Let’s explore.

Conservation of a CIrcle

Circular Reality

There is a circular relationship between one reality and another. This is because there is a circular relationship between any X and Y. Where, technically, and, mathematically, X and Y is interchangeable with 0 and 1.

And, this is because, and only because, 0 and 1 is interchangeable with the circumference and diameter of a circle (where it is impossible to have one without the other). Thus the diagram above is reality, and everything in reality is, naturally, interchangeable with the diagram (and, obviously, vice versa).

This is easy to prove to your ‘self,’ where, as shown above, zero and one is interchangeable with 0 and 1, and 0 and 1 is interchangeable with M and F.

Circumference and Diameter
Zero and One
Female and Male

Male and Female Reality

It goes much deeper than this. M and F is interchangeable with F and M. Or, another way of saying this is, M and F is interchangeable with M or F. Meaning, again, it is impossible to have the half of any (complementary) (and-or identical) pair, without the whole.

Again, you cannot have a circumference without a diameter, although you can draw a circumference and call it a circle, and you can draw a diameter and call it a line (and-or each of these, again, is a zero and-or a one, and-or, an X and-or a Y) (a circumference and a diameter, no matter what you call it (or them)).

So, ‘pi’ is the abstract reality that holds a circumference and a diameter together. And, therefore, pi is, also, the abstract reality that separates a circumference and a diameter (holding all of us together). (Again, you need the whole ‘deal’ in order to have any of its pieces.)


Interchangeable Reality

So, this means, technically, pi is interchangeable with circumference and diameter, and pi is, also, interchangeable with circumference or diameter.

So, if you take the time to think this through, you will come to the conclusion, on your own, that this is the basis for sequence. Again, it’s because one-two-three is interchangeable with pi-diameter-circumference. Meaning you can also interchange these with beginning-middle-end, and-or, input-process-output.

It doesn’t stop there. You need a forest to see the trees, and you need a tree to have a forest, and, independently, these are tied together, again, by the conservation of a circle (as is any X and Y) (as is any entity and-or process).

Forest and-or Tree (Singular and-or Plural)

Constant Reality

Thus, we can interpolate this to understand (when we’re ready) (and if we want to) the mind as ‘pi.’ Thus everything that goes into or comes out of the mind are combinations of X’s and Y’s (check out the NFL) (and then go back to Yellowstone).

So when we experience a reality (any reality) (NFL and-or Yellowstone) we are experiencing the diagram above. Nothing more. Or, less. We are experiencing the conservation of a circle, meaning, all of the characters in Yellowstone (and the NFL) are characters in your own life (you’ll recognize your ‘self’ in every character, eventually) (block and tackle) (run, and-or catch, and score) .

The ‘Whole’ Idea of “Self’

And that’s what makes the media productive (and not-so-much, as well). We are conserving a circle when we watch TV no matter what we’re watching. And we’re interchanging realities (pi is interchanging realities) with everything in Nature as we’re watching.

Abstract Reality

That is, Nature shares a circle with us, and we share a circle with Nature (as articulated, and proven, above). This is because it is impossible to have an abstraction without a concrete reality (why we draw circles and lines, X’s and O’s, when we want to create, or explain, anything) (why technology is based on the conservation of a circle, and, why mathematics, and physics, and psychology are, also, based on the conservation of a circle (zeroes and ones) (information technology) (information society)).

So, this is a lot to consider. Watch the NFL. Or Yellowstone. And you can notice, whether you are aware of it or not, they are noticing ‘you.’ (It is impossible to separate any ‘me’ from ‘you.’)

Me and You

Perpetual Reality

So, there it is. The explanation for exchangeable (and interchangeable) realities (metaphorical and-or ‘real’). And the perfect New Year’s awareness for all of us. Conservation of the circle has us covered (no matter what we do) (begin and end articulate, and, thus, conserve, as all of the characters in Yellowstone (and in the NFL) know very well, an uber-simple-circle). Answers all of our questions. And, solves all of our problems. Creates, explains, and controls, any ‘narrative.’ Life and death, notwithstanding (perpetually included). Which is really, what Yellowstone (and the NFL) are all about. (How to live, and die, in peace.) (Pi resolves all of our fights, eventually.)

The (Real) Theory of Everything , Yardley, Ilexa —

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Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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