Foucault, Deleuze, and Nietzsche

The power of representation and the representation of power, and, the exploding NFT market.

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Where to look for geniuses, today? NFT. No question. (Nietzsche & Foucault.) The non-fungible token.

That is, cybernetics controls reality.

To start with, it looks like this:

Life and Death

We cannot escape the circularity (and, thus the hermeneutics) involved with life and-or death. That is, as Nietzsche noticed, suicide is a convenient antidote to the 50–50 dialectic called ‘life.’

If you look, carefully, at the diagram, you cannot help but notice, two circles in a circle (repeated). Which shows us Nature’s articulation (art and science) of its ‘self.’

This is what lies ‘beneath’ (and overhead) (and also side by side) ‘Foucault’ by Deleuze (‘Deleuze’ by Foucault). Representation. And, interpretation.


That is, man is capable of interpretation because there is an uber-simple circle between any X and Y (interpretation and interpreter).

Meaning, technically, the diagram shows us both the interpreter, and, the interpretation (and the forced circular relationship between them).

Thus ‘pi’ is the only interpreter (interpretation). (Pi is both interpreter and interpretation.)


So, if you start with the idea that an interpretation is, always, circular, then you have the key to representation (and, thus, and, therefore, interpretation).

This isn’t all that difficult. It means that pi is the abstraction that is responsible for Nature in general. (Also known as ‘representation.’)

Because there is a mandatory line between any X and any other X, arithmetically, the number ‘two’ is all there is to Nature. (Nature is ambiguous.)




Zero and one articulate the circumference and diameter of a circle. Literally. And, figuratively. Providing, easily, the foundation for both physics and mathematics. Interpretation and interpreter. (Subjects and objects in Nature.) (Subject and object: Nature.) Both the science and art of Nature. (Science and art in Nature.)

There is a mandatory line between a zero and a one, because the line is both circumference and diameter of a circle.

There is only one way you can ‘diagram’ this:

If you look carefully at the diagram, you will notice, all of its ‘elements’ articulate two circles in a circle.

The diagram articulates what is going on in Nature at all ‘times.’ And, therefore, what is going on in your mind (and mine) (at all times).

Conservation of a circle is the core, and, actually, then, the only, dynamic in Nature. Explaining everything articulated by Foucault, Deleuze, and Nietzsche. Representation, identification, and, interpretation.

The idea, in general.

More important, and, more to the point: the exploding market for non-fungible tokens.

Thus, if you want to understand this more thoroughly:

Euclid’s Error: The Mathematics behind Foucault, Deleuze, and Nietzsche

See, also: Frame of Reference — The Circular Theory — Medium

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Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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