Where it comes from.

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Technically, I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know.

Mind and Self

This is because ‘pi’ in mathematics is the correct name for ‘mind.’ And ‘mind’ is the correct name for ‘self’ (any identity). Meaning pi controls everything.

This is because the conservation of a circle controls everything.


This is why, and how, cybernetics comes into view.

That is, anything you think is true is half-the-time true because it is impossible to have a half without a whole (and, always, vice versa).

Meaning, everything is, technically, always true (explaining divination) (any explanation).

Origination and Destination

So, this is where your freedom originates. It is only ‘taken from you’ with your permission (by how you think).

OK. You already know this. You already knew this.

Pass it on, then.

Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in Nature, and, thus, the ‘reason’ for reality. Explaining the tokenization of ‘reality.’ Especially your tokenization (read: interpretation) of reality. Others’ interpretation of ‘reality?’ Irrelevant.

Conservation of a Circle: Tokenization for (only dynamic in) Nature. The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

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