Genesis of the ‘Zero’ and the ‘One’

Ilexa Yardley
Nov 17, 2019 · 3 min read

Taking a fresh look at the ‘circle…

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We cannot say when the ‘circle’ was ‘invented.’ We know it had to be before the pyramids, since the triangle (or pyramid, so to speak) is comprised of many uber-simple ‘lines…’ And you cannot have a ‘line’ in Nature, without the diameter of a ‘circle.’

That is, the ‘line’ and the ‘circle’ are, quite literally, ‘one’ and ‘zero.’ And this accounts for the ‘genesis’ of a ‘circle.’ And, also, then, both ‘zero’ and ‘one.’ (The genesis of ‘everything,’ technically.)

Zero, and one, is (are), by correspondence, and deduction, circumference and diameter (0) (1).


In a ‘realistic’ diagram, it looks like this:

Zero and One

If you look, carefully, at the ‘diagram,’ you will notice, it could be named ‘female’ and ‘male.’

Female and Male

And, we don’t have to go any further, then, to understand where we, as humans, came up with the ‘zero’ and the ‘one.’


Meaning, any X and Y is 0 and 1. Circumference and diameter. Of an uber-simple (always-conserved) ‘circle.’

Explaining how the pyramids were built:

Building and Builder (Noun and Verb)


Meaning you cannot have a noun without a verb, and, always, vice versa, because you cannot have a circumference without a diagram. Conventional drawings of the ‘circle’ rely on ‘circumference’ without mentioning (or noticing) a circumference as a drawing (or diagram) must always, also, be a diameter.

And this is what the astrologers missed when they began to keep track of seasons, and the sun (and, also, the moon). That is, pi is the background state for reality.



This, they ‘figured out.’ Except, they didn’t get the ‘diagram’ right.

Now, we have the ‘correct’ diagram (for both circumference and diameter).


Giving us the foundation for both mathematics and physics. And, also, then, technology. And, biology.


All the rest is more of the same (hyper-redundant). The diagram tells us what’s happening everywhere. Whether we are aware of it. Or not.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature. Easily deduced. And ‘observed.’ As we have done, now, both of us, from the diagram(s) above.

We’re way ahead of, and, also, behind, then, the ‘astrologers’ (physicists and mathematicians) (technologists and biologists).


But this you will have to ‘figure out’ for your ‘self.’ You cannot rely on anyone else to tell you: what you already ‘know.’

Conservation of the Circle

Conservation of the circle is the ‘only’ dynamic in Nature. Allowing you to ‘figure out’ ‘everything.’ For your ‘self.’

The (Real) Theory of Everything (release date 02–02–20)

Click on the links in the article for a ‘deeper’ understanding of Nature. And, yes, you can ‘get there,’ on your own. You don’t need experts to tell you what you ‘already’ know (what is impossible not-to-know) ‘on-your-own.’

Ilexa Yardley

Written by

Author, The Circular Theory

The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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