Good-Bad, Right-Wrong, Thinking

Complementarity is the core dynamic for thinking.

Complementary identity. (Photo by Leio Mclaren)

Good-bad, right-wrong, thinking, proves complementarity is the core dynamic for thinking. We choose one, and, then, we have to deal with the consequences of, the, other. Proving you can’t have one, without, the, other.

Therefore, technologically, good-bad, right-wrong, thinking, is zero-one, circumference-diameter, thinking. A matrix is a circle, because a line is both diameter, and circumference, of, a circle. Therefore, over time, zero is one, and, vice versa.

Therefore, over time, good-bad, right-wrong, thinking, gets us nowhere. That’s where, and, how, technology creeps in. If zero, then one, means, if one, then zero.

If you understand this, you understand everything. Complementarity is the basis for identity. All systems, disciplines.

Conservation of the circle (complementary identity) is the core dynamic in nature.