Gravity: Virtual and Real

Zero and one articulate a circle, virtual and real.

Circumference. And, diameter. (Zero and-or one).

A lot of people want to go to space, these days. Where ‘go to space’ might be a misnomer, altogether. Humans think they are going to space, and coming from space, and, in a way, this is, always, true. And, always, not-so-much.

So, before we get to gravity, we have to ask ourselves, what is space? And this is easier than imagined (much easier than what you learned in physics). Zero and one are circumference and diameter. This is the basic unit of space. (Pi is the technical, and, technological, name for space.)

Meaning there is space separating and joining any X and-or Y, and this space is mathematically named pi. Pi connects (and separates) circumference and diameter. So, pi (an uber-basic circle), then, is the correct name (and operation) (to-and-or-from) for gravity. Why? A circle can only circle. And, more important, only a circle can circle. So that’s why we have sun, moon, earth, and man. (Now you are ahead of your physicist friends.)

X and X is X and X’. Bound, joined, and separated, by a circle (also known as gravity). Where, to-and-from, are, X-and-Y, zero, and-or, one. Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.