Guide to the Circular Theory: Part II and Part I

Eagle’s view. Cellular logic.

Eagle’s. view. Cellular logic. Circular theory.

For musicians (multi-channel mathematicians), the circle of fifths demonstrates, and proves, the Circular Theory.

Circle of Fifths

For non-musicians (and musicians, as well), you can get an eagle’s view, and a cellular understanding, of the Circular Theory by sorting the titles by publication date on Amazon, read the last first and work your way backwards (Guide to the Circular Theory Part II and Part I).

Individuals and Groups

In a nutshell, there is a mandatory circular relationship between an individual and a group (all disciplines, systems). And this explains everything.

Individual and Group (Conservation of the Circle)

So, this, also, explains why so many titles on Amazon. Any and all of the Circular Theory books (all of the constituents of Nature) tokenize, and, thus, conserve, an always-present circle.

Humans live in a contextual reality, where everything is dependent on everything else, duplication and negation are dependent on each other, meaning humans use tokenization (and ‘tokens’) in order to inter-react with Nature and each ‘other.’ This we call ‘reality.’

The Tokenization of Tokenization

The Circular Theory exposes how Nature tokenizes its ‘self’ explaining the whole idea of ‘self’ in general. Nature is a self-referential recursion explaining why the human (and any constituent of Nature) is, also, a self-referential recursion, giving us a much broader (and a much better) understanding of quantum entanglement (tokenization in general).

Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in Nature (and, therefore, the only dynamic in Nature) (why you have to use the Circular Theory diagram if you want an exact picture and an accurate understanding of what’s happening, and what must continue to happen, in Nature) (and all around you) (all around ‘us’). Solving all of the so-called problems in physics, psychology, and philosophy, and removing all of the paradoxes from mathematics (solving all of the Clay problems).

Basically, if you ‘really’ want to understand Nature (and what humans call ‘reality’), study the diagram. The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store
Circle of Fifths: Guide to the Circular Theory , Yardley, Ilexa —
Individual and Group

What the Circular Theory Explains



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