Honesty: Is There Such A Thing?

You know the answer to this question. For sure.

Universe (Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash)

Maybe you don’t want to know about the universe. That it’s actually a circle. And that this circle can only be diagrammed ‘one’ way.


What is a ‘Universe?’

This is because you are taught to ‘believe’ in the ‘idea’ called ‘Universe.’ That it’s ‘out there.’ It’s ‘very big.’ And, you are, ‘small.’

Big and Small

Meaning, as you very well know, you cannot have the concept ‘big’ without the concept ‘small.’

This proves, again, as you very well know, there is no such thing as ‘truth’ about the Universe. That is, a universe is big, and, from someone’s point of view, then, it has to be ‘very small…’

An Uber-Present Circle

Meaning, if you take the time to think this through, the conservation of a circle is what gives us ‘big’ and ‘small.’

Conservation of a circle.

This throws conventional thinking ‘out of view.’ Meaning, the biggest, and, also, then, the smallest, ‘universe’ is the number ‘two.’ Also known as ‘me and you.’

Me and You (The number ‘two.’)

Because you cannot have the number ‘one’ without the number ‘two.’

One and Two (One or Two)

Throwing the whole idea of ‘honesty’ out the window. And bringing the ‘real’ idea called ‘truth’ into view.

True and False (True or False)

What is Truth?

Meaning, there is no such thing as ‘truth,’ even from a conventional point of view.

Conventional-Non-Conventional (Point of View)

Explaining why it is impossible for any ‘one’ to be ‘honest’ about anything, no matter what their (or your) point of view.

Dishonesty Honesty (50–50)

Explaining, also, why everybody ‘knows’ it’s 50–50 everything, no matter how you slice the dice. Because the overwhelming ‘basis’ point for everything is the arithmetic number ‘two.’

An Always-Conserved Circle

Explaining why the diagram is necessary if you want to understand the whole idea called ‘two.’ Meaning, the constant, and the norm, for everything, is the simple number ‘two.’


Meaning, and we all know this, whether we ‘want’ to ‘know it,’ or not, it makes no sense to argue any point of view.

Habitual Argument

It’s the conservation of an uber-simple circle that explains, and, therefore, controls, the ‘point of view….’

An uber simple, always present, half-the-time hidden, circle.

Checking Out and Validating Your Own ‘Point of View…’

So, there you are. When someone starts a sentence with the word, ‘honestly,’ you have to pay attention. To the opposing ‘point of view…’

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature. (A circle has no knowledge of the ‘human’ term ‘honest.’) Which explains how you know, yourself, always, and everywhere, there are always (and only) ‘two’ points of view. Meaning, forget about the whole idea called ‘honesty.’


Invest in the Circular Theory….here



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