How A Genius Handles Conflict

Manages him or her self.

In and out of conflict. (Photo by Tanja Heffner)

You can tell when conflict has you. You’re upset. Angry. Uncomfortable. Livid, maybe. Someone’s done you wrong.

This says you’ve divided the situation into ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ You can, easily, correct this. Translate ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ (or ‘good’ and ‘bad’) into ‘zero’ and ‘one.’

Meaning, whatever made you mad is zero. And you, are, ‘one.’

This means you have accepted, it takes two to make one.

OK. Great.

This is the basis for the conflict. You want to be the only ‘one.’ Some other one invaded your picture. Meaning, you are not the only ‘one.’

Why did this make you angry?

Hydrogen when burned produces water. The original zero and, then, one.

Meaning, one is, always, two.

Forget about the right and wrong, the good and bad in nature.

Zero and one is one and two. No two ways about it.

Zero and one knows nothing at all about feelings. One way. Or the other.

The ‘other’ one, cares nothing about ‘you.’ Knows nothing about your feelings. Knows only about his, or her, feelings.

So, a genius ignores conflict. No matter how he, and she, feel(s). A genius ignores feelings. Feelings share a circle with thought. So you can think about your feelings, as easily as you can feel about your thoughts. You get this. It’s pretty simple.

So, that’s all there is to conflict.

Half-the-time you are going to be in conflict.

The other half? Have fun.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.