How a Human (Virtual or Real) Decodes Reality

X and Y conserve a circle.

Constant and variable (conserve the X and Y) diameter and circumference of a mandatory circle.

X and Y conserve a circle because the line separating them, also joins them, (diameter is circumference) (and vice versa). This breaks down all barriers to entry (code) (decode) (ode) (diode), because X and X’, then, are X and Y (and, also X and X).

Meaning, red is not blue, black is not white, zero is not one (negation is duplication) (black and white is X and Y, X and X’, X and X, X and x, diameter and circumference, of a (conserved) circle). Red is blue is black is white is zero is one is circumference is diameter, from the circle’s point of view, allowing us to disagree (a variable position shares a circle with the constant position).

The circle is constant (always in the background) (giving us the basis for a variable) (always in the foreground). X and Y is zero and one, circumference and diameter, literally and figuratively. Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.