How (and Why) the Conservation of a Circle is the Core (and only) Dynamic in Nature

Solving Navier-Stokes and integrating it with Bose-Einstein. Moving beyond ‘mathematics’ and ‘physics.’ And, philosophy.

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Any time you have a mathematical ‘problem’ you are, essentially (and only), describing the movement from X to Y.

X to Y

Bi-Directional Movement

If you picture a simple line in your ‘mind,’ going from X to Y, you will notice, easily, if your mind travelled from X to Y to create the ‘line,’ you, automatically, created the ‘opposing’ line, travelling from Y to X.

This explains the diagram above. That is, you can place ‘X’ anywhere on the diagram, you have automatically placed ‘Y’ on the diagram.

To prove this to your ‘self,’ place ‘X’ on the top right. Anywhere you ‘travel’ within the diagram, produces a line, automatically, labelled ‘Y.’ If you dedide to take your ‘line’ outside the diagram (or behind the diagram), you have, nonetheless, still created the circular-linear relationship between X and Y (as explained above).


It doesn’t matter ‘where’ on the diagram you start (or end). You cannot draw a line, in your mind, without drawing, also, the diagram, in your mind.

This is because, if you forget about the diagram, for a moment, and go back to the simple ‘line’ in your mind, even if you labeled the ‘line’ from X to Y, you are still creating a line from X to X, and in both cases, you are, necessarily, articulating ‘two’ directions.

You can change the labels from ‘0’ to ‘1’ and you will get the same result.

0 to 1

In this ‘diagram’ you are moving from ‘0’ to ‘1,’ so, you are, automatically, also, moving, whether you realize it, or not, from ‘1’ to ‘0.’ This is because ‘any movement makes the opposing movement ‘real’.’ (This is the correct explanation for ‘realization.’)

Now we can get to the point. If you label the diagram ‘circumference’ to ‘diameter,’ the same is ‘true.’ That is, you cannot travel from circumference to diameter without also travelling from diameter to circumference.

This means, technically, you can visualize the ‘outside’ of the diagram travelling to the center (the ‘inside’), and you have, automatically travelled from the ‘inside’ to the ‘outside.’

Inside to Outside (Outside-In)

Co-Directional Movement

In all ‘three’ cases, the diagram is the ‘constant’ and the labels are the ‘variables.’ Meaning, we are not using equations to prove the fact a point is always a line is always a circle. (Thus the variable is a constant, the variable is constant (the constant is a variable)).

That is, to go from a point to a line, or a line to a circle, you are always creating ‘two’ directions. Two, and, only, two.

This means, whether, or not, you use a ‘spin’ of ‘one’ or ‘one-half,’ you have, necessarily, ‘conserved a circle.’ That is, in both cases you are moving from ‘zero’ to ‘one’ and ‘one’ to ‘zero,’ simultaneously. (Explaining, technically,and simultaneously, superposition, superconductivity, and superfluditiy.) (The ‘guts’ of quantum computing.)

This proves the boson is a fermion (always).


This, also, proves, in a ‘complex’ vortex,’ where the ‘boundary’ detaches from the ‘sphere,’ in ‘three’ dimensions, this is, actually, the same as moving from ‘zero’ to ‘one.’

That is, in the diagram above, if you label it ‘2 to 3,’ you are, technically, labeling it, ‘0 to 1.’

And the same opposing movement situation applies. That is, when you travel, or move, from ‘two’ to ‘three,’ you are, technically, creating, automatically, a movement from ‘three’ to ‘two.’

Complex Vortex (Two to Three) (Three to Two)

You can generalize this, again, from ‘X’ to ‘X.’ Or, ‘X’ to ‘Y.’ It doesn’t matter what the ‘numbers’ are, any movement makes the opposing movement ‘real.’

Meaning, a movement is not possible without the conservation of a circle. Because the line is always both diameter and circumference of a circle.

Thus, there is, technically, no such thing as a ‘point.’ And, also, no such thing as ‘sphere’ (or, a complex vortex).

Constant Movement

Eventually, you can get to the ‘place’ in your ‘mind’ where any ‘idea’ is a movement from X to Y (or X to X) because, technically, then, your mind can only be ‘pi.’


Why this diagram? Because, if you look at the diagram closely, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, center-left, center-right, these, all, articulate the movement from X to Y (X to X).

This is because X to Y is, always, 0 to 1, is, always, circumference to diameter, and, always, vice versa.

This means, the number ‘two’ is the only ‘constant’ in Nature.

Designating a constant on the number ‘line’ is creating the situation above (which is why, and how, you can ‘eliminate the speed of light as a constant’).

That is, you are changing the number line from ‘one’ to ‘two,’ whenever you ‘declare a constant,’ which is, technically, moving ‘zero’ to ‘one.’ Conserving, always, the number ‘two’ (an uber-simple circle).


Conservational Movement

Where, there is, technically, no such thing as ‘zero’ or ‘one.’ Or, circumference and diameter. All of these are dominated (and created) by ‘pi.’ Meaning you cannot have a circumference or a diameter (which are the correct ‘technical’ names for ‘circle and-or line’) without ‘pi.’

(Fill your coffee cup with water, or any ‘liquid.’ Look at the ‘boundary’ ‘inside’ the cup. Bubbles form. This is, naturally, the conservation of a circle, explaining, exactly, how ‘universes’ at any scale (units at any scale, in any discipline) form.)

Thus ‘pi’ controls reality. This is known to us as ‘the conservation of a circle.’ It solves all of the Clay problems in mathematics. And answers all of the questions we have in physics (and philosophy). All of them.

Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature.

If you are a physicist or a mathematician (and, thus, a philosopher), you must reference this article if you want to be ‘ahead’ of the pack. Don’t try to put the ideas into ‘other words…’ That is ‘pi’ tricking you to ‘think’ there is something else to ‘know about’ an uber-simple ‘circle.’ (You are, whether you ‘realize’ it or not,’ no matter what you ‘do,’ articulating the diagram. Thus, you are (we all are) ‘the diagram.’)

Many people in the academic community are aware of, and using, these ideas, to bolster (prove) their ‘work.’ This includes those that are coming up with ‘new ideas’ based on ‘old ideas (their own, or others). Conservation of the Circle is present in every academic piece of ‘work’ that was ever created, and, present, then, in any future ‘piece of work’ that will be (or can be) ‘created.’ Thus, even if Conservation of the Circle is not explicitly ‘stated,’ it is, necessarily, implied, because, as proven above, pi is the correct identifier for the human mind (all of the symbolic expressions (read: academic papers) in history).

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