How Are You Doing? Really?

You have exactly one relationship in your life. Your relationship to your self.

Self. (Photo by John Sting)

You have exactly one relationship in nature. Relationship to self. That’s it, and, that’s all. All the other ‘selves’ in your life, are you, reacting to, self. Your Self. Different aspects, and natures, of your self.

This means you have a virtual self. It also means, you love, and hate, your self. It also means, you have a life wish, and a death wish, concerning, self. Where you have to act these out on others (and with others) in order to understand, and accept, your ‘self.’

This takes some time to notice. It takes some getting used to. This core relationship called ‘self.’

It means you have to accept the good and bad, the truth, and the lies, about your self. It means you have to come to grips with all the bad things, and, also, the good things, about your self.

And then it’s up to you to balance. Nature has already balanced your ‘self.’ And, all the other ‘selves.’

So get a handle. Every person you see, and every object you enjoy, or not, is a rendering of your ‘virtual’ self, or, in other words, you, in a different time, and space, frame. Why we travel. Why we fight. Why we love, and hate. What we want to know about, and what we don’t’ want to know about, and-or admit about, a, self.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.