How Circularity Explains What’s Happening in All Universes

Especially your universe.

The Singular Universe (Basic Identity) (Photo by Ben White)

We’re all living in our own private universe. This we know, for sure, because complementarity is the basis for identity. Meaning, we are in a forced circular relationship with everything that is ‘not-us,’ meaning, we’re always in a circular relationship with our ‘selves.’

‘Us’ has many meanings. In the same way as ‘I’ has many meanings, or, another way of saying this is there are many ‘I’s’ in the universe. This forces us to notice, there are many universes in the universe. So, we’re all in our own universe interacting with all the other universes. We occupy a self-sufficient state.

Therefore, circularity explains what’s happening in all universes. A hidden circle between me and you (any me and you) turns every me and you into a circle. Meaning, you can use a hidden circle to explain everything.

Yin and yang is zero and one, meaning, 50–50 is the constant and the norm. Zero and one is circumference and diameter, meaning, ‘two’ is the magic number (from the circle’s point of view, ‘two’ is the ‘only’ number). From ‘our’ point of view, the way we self-survive (50–50 everything has our back).

50–50, zero and one (circumference and diameter)

So, this makes life interesting. Understandable. Manageable.

We’re taught about the circle as a background from a very young age. The first words from a baby ‘ma, ma, ma.’ And, the first ‘teaching words’ from a ma ma, ‘no, no, no.’ Duplication, and, negation, articulate a circle (zero and one, circumference and diameter).

So, we learn duplication and negation before we learn anything else. You could argue, easily, duplication and negation are known to us as fetuses. We are aware of our surroundings, no matter ‘where’ we are.

This calls ‘where’ into question, and forces us to notice, in our minds there is no ‘where.’

So, in order to live in space (the space all around us), we have to forfeit the idea of space. This is, also, easily, circular, since the space all around us joins us, and, also, separates us, from an ‘other.’ This is also known as gravity.

Again complementarity is necessary for identity. We’re like others, and we’re different from others, at the same time (and in the same space). So, all of us know, in one way or another, complementarity is circularity (and vice versa) because the line is both diameter and circumference of a circle.

Any X and-or Y articulate, a circle. Meaning, we are far ahead once we realize we are first, and foremost circles, all of us. Explaining how, and why, we turn, and change, and move around.

Pi is the only observer (correct name for space separating and joining any zero and one). In ancient times (and even through today), pi was labeled ‘God.’ In normal parlance, pi is labeled ‘mind.’

From circularity (and pi), the number ‘two’ is easily identified ‘basis for reality.’ This gives us sequence, reproduction, and the copy. Also, zero and one, as one and two. Radiation, rotation, revolution. Weather, time, and space. Making everything else much easier to understand.

To use this just say, half-the-time for everything. You’ll be one hundred percent correct whenever you do this. Half-the-time is, always, all-the-time.

Complementarity means we get along with others (and our selves) half-the-time. This forces us to notice, everything is half-the-time. Good-bad, true-false, yes-no, yin-yang. Male, female. Here, there, Then, now.

The rest is pure enjoyment.

The basis for psychology (basic identity) is physics, and vice versa.

Conservation of the Circle (zero and one as circumference and diameter) is the core dynamic in nature (two-not-one is the basis for everything) (duplicity is the basis for identity). Of course, you already know this. You need one ‘other circle’ to point it out. Explaining all of your relationships.




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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