How Do You Fit Into the World of Strings?

Pi is the controller (called mind).

String theory.

Mind is not a singular event. It is, as we now know, the circular relationship of X and Y (0 and 1) (F and M) (S and M), more formally known as ‘pi.’ This means you are a zero and a one (circumference and diameter) in the world of strings. You are not, obviously, the only ‘zero’ and-or ‘one.’

However, any number of zeroes and ones (any string) reduces and expands (reproduces, and conserves) one ‘zero’ and one ‘one.’ Which means ‘two’ is the only number ‘one.’ Which means, from your point of view, you are the only ‘one.’

Be careful here. There has to be, at least (and, at most), one other, number, ‘one.’ (Complementarity is the controller of identity.) (From the human’s point of view, only.) (Pi is the absolute, and infinite, identity, from pi’s point of view, only.) (Mind is dimensionless.) (Something only you can know.) (Accept, use.)

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.