How Humans Prioritize

Survival first.

Self sufficient state. (Photo by Jenelle Ball)

Humans live a self-sufficient state. As does all of nature. Meaning survival comes first. For all of us. For everything. In nature.

This explains the conservation of a circle. Survival and reproduction of a circle is survival and reproduction of the self sufficient state. This includes humans, and, all of nature. As we survive, nature survives, and, vice versa. Nature survives with our help, and we survive with nature’s help. We share a circular relationship. Everything re-circulates.

This is because there is a circular relationship between reproduction and survival, meaning you cannot have one without the other. The conservation of a circle is the basis for both survival and reproduction (as we reproduce, the circle survives, and, vice versa). Any X and-or Y conserve a circle.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.