How Natural Disasters Prove the Circular Theory

All phase transitions depend upon, and, originate from, a circle.

Phase transition. (Photo by NASA)

The nature of nature is a 50–50 proposition. A natural disaster proves this. No one knows when a disaster will strike, except, we all know, nature has control of its own destiny, meaning, a disaster will strike, eventually.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature, according to, the Circular Theory. X and Y, is, zero and one, circumference and diameter, literally and figuratively. In the words of technology, virtual and real.

This means the source, and, destination, of, a phase transition, any phase transition, is survival, and reproduction, of a circle. Any circle. All circles. A self-sufficient state.

Thus, survival and reproduction, universally, articulate, and must conserve, a circle. Only a circle can circle. A circle can only circle. Meaning the symbolic representation of any phenomenon in nature (all phenomena in nature) is the survival, and, reproduction, of a circle.

Again, this is the basis for a phase transition. A natural disaster. The symbolic representation of nature. Any movement, X, to-and-or-from, Y.

Conservation of a circle is the core dynamic in nature.