How Node.js Will Revolutionize Thinking About the Universe, and, Nature, in General

The universe, and, nature, in general, operate using asynchronous I/O.

Nodal nature. (Photo by Alexander Schwarz)

Most people think there is a strict division between input and output. Technologists know differently. In fact, an abstract thinker, in general, ‘knows’ differently.

Input and output, articulate, and, must conserve, like any X and-or Y, zero and-or one, the circumference, and, diameter, of a circle. The circle is in control of both. Complementarity is the basis for identity.

Meaning duplicity is the basis for a unit. Any unit. Again, this is because there is a basic circle, separating, and joining, any X and-or Y (again, zero, and-or, one).

So, this is why Node.js will revolutionize thinking about the universe, and, nature, in general. In fact, as this is written, as of the date of this writing, more specifically, technologists have a better ‘view’ of both, the universe, and, nature.

Again, this is because any node can function as both input, and-or, output, effectively neutering the function called ‘input,’ and-or, ‘output.’ And, this is because nature neuters input, and, output as any user, and the circular relationship, between user, and, technology shows (and proves).

So, there it is. Node.js and nature. The conservation of a circle.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.