How Quantum Physics Teaches Us What to Expect In ‘Life’

Whatever you expect to happen will, and, must, happen.

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You are involved with, each, and every, moment, your own ‘expectations’ about life. That is, underneath it all, you know, very well, that yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern).

Yin and Yang
Zero and One

This means that, again, you, already, and, all of us, ‘know,’ that 50–50 is the basis point, and the explanation, for everything. The constant. And, the ‘norm,’ if you will.


This means, and, again, we all ‘know’ this, everything is, always, relative to everything else. That is, it is impossible to have the number ‘one’ without the number ‘two.’

Absolute Relativity
One and Two

This explains why ancient people (including all of us today) used ‘words’ (and numbers) to engage with reality (and with each other). That is, a word, and-or, a number, articulates the number ‘two.’ No matter the word. Or, number.


This is because the symbol is man’s way of articulating what he and-or she experiences as ‘reality.’ So, the symbol, and the act of creating a symbol (a noun and-or a verb), depends, always, upon the number ‘two.’ Because any ‘articulation’ involves an X and a Y (a zero and a one) (an abstraction) (the circular relationship between an abstraction and the concrete ‘reality’ it represents).

Noun and Verb
Abstract and Concrete

That is, you cannot create a symbol without being a symbol yourself. You are symbolic, yourself, always, of the symbol(s) you create. That is, the act of ‘creation’ (symbolization) depends on a two state system because everything depends on a two-state system. Representation (noun or verb) depends upon a two-state system.

The Two-State System
Symbolization or Representation (Noun and-or Verb)

This explains complementary identity, where, for example, you cannot have light wthout dark, left without right, yes without no, true without false, male without female. Every idea, whether it is a noun or a verb in any language, articulates (and must conserve) a circle.

Complementary Identity
Conservation of the Circle

This explains the cycle and the circuit. Electricity and magnetism. Rotation, revolution, and radiation. Everything in physics. And, everything in mathematics. Everything in technology, then.

Technology (and Math)

It also explains everything in biology (and chemistry), since biology (and chemistry) depends on reproduction, and reproduction, naturally, articulates, and, thus, conserves, an uber-simple circle.

X and X
X and Y

It also explains why we experience our ‘selves’ as an independent ‘state,’ even though Nature is incapable of separating its constituents into indpendent states. Again, everything is relative to, and, therefore, dependent on, everything else.

X and X’

This means negation is an elegant (or sophisticated) form of duplication.


And, divination.


Again, where everything in this article depends on a duplicate state (duplication in general). Therefore, as you can, now, notice, the diagram is constant, and all the rest (all of the words, and sentences) are variables.

The Constant Variable
The Constant in the Background

This is because, we are, all of us, in a constant state of flux, where words and variables, are (temporary) constants, because they are symbolic of an ever changing circular state (also known as movement in general).

Linear and Circular Movement (The State of Flux)

This is because the line is a circle. Which is what, and how, and, also, why, quantum physics teaches us. That is, you cannot go from X to Y in any system without creating a line. A line is, ncessarily, diameter and circumference of a circle.

Line and Circle
Diameter and Circumference

Meaning, we experience our expectations (our expectations experience us) because we are involved with, and always circumscribed by, a circular state.

An expectation involves something that has happened in the past in a circular relationship with something that will happen in the future, where, from a circle’s point of view there is no past or future, just a circular relationship (an uber-simple, always-present, always-conserved circle).

That is, what happens to us (what happens through us) (experience) always depends on how long we are willing to wait, and how we are representing what is happening (how we think about what happens to us) (what happens through us).

Circle (Past and Future)

This isn’t all that hard to understand. It just takes some time to think through. Which might re-arrange your thinking about everything. If you (decide to) take the time to ‘think’ it through.

Human Thought

This is because the diagram cannot not explain everything about everything.


Because pi is the only observer (the continual actor) in Nature. Where ‘pi’ in mathematics is what humans label ‘mind.’ And mind is what experiences expectations (what expects experiences).

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature. Which is what quantum physics teaches us about expectation in general.

The (Real) Theory of Everything, Yardley, Ilexa —



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