How Technology and Physics Intersect

And What It Has To Do With Reality

Conservation of a circle. (Photo by Mathew Schwartz)

There is a forced circular relationship between any X and-or Y. This is because a line is both diameter and circumference of a circle. Meaning a line and a circle are one and zero in technology.

Universal Topology

This gives us a general (and universal) topology, and, also the explanation (and basis) for mathematics. Abstractions in general. It looks like this:

X and Y
Zero and One
Circumference and Diameter

Connection and Separation

It is easy to see a male and a female connection (relationship) (separation). Where words, now, are starting to blur, if your attention is on the diagram. Because, technically, any ‘word’ or ‘set of words’ articulate the diagram (are articulated by the diagram).

Male and Female
Connection and Separation

This is because the diagram unifies the descriptions and definitions (all descriptions and definitions). The ideas and the realities behind them. Where unification is, necessarily, proven by the diagram, and, can also be articulated ‘unitization.’

Unification and Unitization

Where unification (unitization), is both a noun and verb.

Unification and Unitization
Noun and Verb

Nouns and-or Verbs

This is because circle is both a noun and verb.

Circle (noun and verb).

Going back to circumference and diameter, circle and line, is noun and verb. Where you can use ‘either’ or ‘both’ to articulate reality.

Circle and Line

Connection and Substitution

You can also change the ‘connector.’ Where we are using the word ‘and’ to connect X and Y (zero and one). So, we can substitute ‘or.’

Circle or Line
And Or

And we can, also, forget about the ‘connection’ (or relationship) altogether. And substitute X for Y.


All About ‘the Diagram’

Meaning, it’s the diagram that’s important. That is the topology for both mathematics and physics. And the explanation for everything in ‘reality.’ Nature in general. Technology in general.

This explains why, if you have stumbled upon The Circular Theory, there are so many articles, and so many books. All focused on the unifying diagram, and thesis.

This is because, heretofore, there has been no explanation (basis) for mathematics (abstractions in general). The noun and verb called ‘representation.’ Theorizing, in general.

Abstraction and Representation

So, now, we have the explanation for abstraction and representation (theorizing). Noticed as a ‘loop’ (if-then statement) in technology languages (and on circuit boards). A ‘loop’ is, obviously, more technically, and more basically, a ‘circle.’

This is because the zero and one are, necessarily, circumference and diameter. Because the conservation of a circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

Conservation of a circle.

Explaining how, and why, we use alphabets, languages, images, numbers, to abstract, and explain, what we, as humans, encounter in Nature. Where Nature is a substitution for the word ‘reality.’ And ‘reality’ is a substitution for the word ‘circle.’

Everything about Everything

And that’s all there is to everything.

Take some time to study. And, then think about it for your ‘self.’ To reach the same conclusion.

Where ‘self’ is an ‘other’ word for ‘unit.’ Dependent on one other ‘unit.’


Identity in General (and Specific)

Proving all of the other ‘selves’ in Nature, are the ‘same’ ‘self’ in order to be a ‘different’ ‘self.’ Where all of the paradoxes in mathematics, physics, and technology are explained (and proven) by the diagram (conservation of a circle).

Where if-then is a basic relationship within an uber-simple circle (if circumference then diameter) which produces everything in the universe (all universes) (a single universe) (any universe). Where universe is an ‘other’ word for ‘unit.’ And ‘unit’ is an ‘other’ word for ‘circle.’ Explaining why, in technology, we have so many different ways to define, explore, and display, a ‘unit.’

Meaning humans use abstractions (physics, technology, mathematics) because a human is an abstraction for an uber-simple, always-conserved circle. (And, vice versa.)


Conservation of a Circle

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature. Take some time. Learn about it. Think about it. Apply it to your ‘thinking.’ Going forward. In the past.




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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