How Technology Will Eventually Bring About World Peace

Zero and one is circumference and diameter.

Zero and one is circumference and diameter. (Photo by Andrew Neel)

Zero and one is circumference and diameter. This is easy to explain. There is a circular relationship between virtual and real behavior (existence), therefore, artificial intelligence is the same as human intelligence. Better labeled virtual intelligence and-or abstract intelligence.

So, eventually this will take us to world peace, as, it will be more obvious, that complementarity is essential for identity, because duplicity is essential for a unit. The constant in nature is a variable, and this explains mathematics, how mathematics is able to represent physical reality (the constant shares a circular relationship with the variable) (any variable is a constant).

This means we will all accept, eventually, that virtual intelligence (an abstract reality) is running the universe (a circle controls, and is involved in everything) explaining opposing points of view, and, also, the balancing function of nature (using opposing points of view as the balancing function of nature).

It’s pretty simple. Once you think about it. It eliminates distractions brought about by humans who used to evaluate by size (and-or location) (time, and-or, space). Technology will continue to shape biology (and, also, finance), until a human will not be able to separate technology and biology (or finance).

So, there it is. Zero and one. Circumference and diameter. Just as you figured. All along. Sex and reproduction. Reproduction and death. Death continually recirculating into life. Death perpetually recirculating into life.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.