How The Circular Theory Explains Everything

Zero and one, circumference and diameter.

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter. (Photo by Ivana Cajina)

Zero and one, circumference and diameter, defines a circle, and, thus, the Circular Theory. The Circular Theory, then, explains everything.

Technology is based on the zero and one. Biology is based on the zero and one. Mathematics is based on the zero and one.

This gives us physics, philosophy, psychology, and economics. History. Sex and relationships. All disciplines are based on the zero and one.

Because the zero and one are based on the X and the Y.

Any X, and-or, Y, articulate, and, thus, conserve a circle. This is because there is a diameter, and circumference, joining, and, separating, any (and, therefore, all) X, and-or, Y. This turns any, and every, X, and-or, Y, into a circle.

The joining and separating of X and-or Y produces a string of characters that must reduce and expand to an X and a Y.

Therefore, two is the most basic number, explaining the circular relationship between a constant and a variable, making movement, in all systems, and, disciplines possible.

The number two, then, is, also, responsible for a line, which is responsible for a graph, which is responsible for the articulation of relative position (another line).

All symbols are created using the line. Any movement produces a line. Only a line can create a line. Therefore, humans (all creatures) (all symbols) are, most basically, lines. You can visualize a human, on the earth. Visualize the earth as circumference, the human a horizontal line, or a vertical line, in a circle with earth’s circumference.

That’s it. You’re done.

How did you visualize? You and your visualization (matter and mind) articulate, and, thus, conserve, a circle. Meaning mind and matter share a circular relationship. Meaning, pi, in mathematics, is the only possible description (and operation) of mind.

As in all ancient (and current) religions, pi is the background state for everything. All systems. All disciplines. All symbolic representations. The interpretation of any symbolic representation.

Any X and Y is, technically, zero and one, is, technically, circumference and diameter, explaining, and, proving, the Circular Theory is involved in everything. Why would you want to know this? It means everything is 50–50. Complementarity is the basis for identity (any system) because duplicity is the basis for a unit. This stabilizes nature. Evens everything up. Gives you an edge, if you take, even a little, time, to think about it.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.