How to Implement 50–50 In Your Relationship(s) (For Balance, Control, Freedom)

50–50 is the constant, so, 50–50 is the norm.


You don’t have to change anything if you want to implement, and-or, incorporate 50–50 into your relationship(s). Nature does this for you.

It’s better for you to think of it as a re-evaluation of your evaluations. Your evaluation function. Your expectations. How your expectations are entwined with your experiences.

If you expect 50–50 you will experience 50–50. If you don’t expect it, you will still experience it. It’s there. Whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you believe in it or not. So, all you have to do, is continue to do whatever it is you are doing. Label it 50–50. You’re done.

If you like to categorize things, you don’t have to do this. Categorization is already done for you. Things fall into 50–50, the basis for categorization. So, it’s OK, to be OK, with OK. And, it’s OK, to be OK, with not-OK. And, it’s, also, not-OK, to be, OK, not-OK, to be, not-OK. But you don’t have to change anything to be all of these at once. Or, at different times.

This means ‘it’s always something,’ ‘every-other-day,’ ‘same day every day.’ Half of every day is perfect. The other half is perfect, too. Circular relationship between perfect and imperfect (as it is intended, and, planned, by nature) is 50–50. Yin and yang are zero and one.

So, it’s fun. And, freeing. Once you think about it. Just a little. Even not.

50–50 is the basis point for everything. Nothing has to change. Because. Nothing will change. Even as everything changes. You are already prepared. You understand the 50–50.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.
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