How to Shortcut Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Technology, and Biology

Is data intelligent? In, and of, itself?

Zero and one. (Photo by Katie Hetland)

Information is dependent on the zero and the one. Meaning, two is the magic number in nature. This shortcuts all of the information in physics, philosophy, psychology, economics, technology, and, biology.

Meaning zero and one are symbolic of any X and-or Y.

This is proven in technology, and explains the explosive interest in data science, artificial intelligence, and, virtual reality. All of this under the rubric ‘deep learning.’ Implying, as a social organism, we expect to learn what’s under (or over) information, in general.

In short, we’re asking, all of us, is data intelligent?

Depends on what you mean by intelligent. Mostly intelligence has to do with choice, observation, and comparison. Where all of these depend on X and Y, or, if you like, zero and one.

So, if X and Y ‘know’ each other, independent of ‘each’ ‘other, we’d have to say, yes, data is intelligent. This is where zero and one come ‘in.’ Zero and one manipulate the intelligence of a circle.

Meaning from a circle’s point of view, zero and one, is, circumference and diameter (explaining the true meaning of ‘is’). You can’t have one, without, the other. X and X’ articulate, and, must, conserve, a circle (complementarity is the basis for identity).

Zero is background for one. One is background for zero. If zero, then one, implies if one, then zero (background state for technology in general).

So, every discipline depends on the number ‘two,’ and, all of us, take this, for, granted. We assume the number ‘two’ is under, and, over, everything. We imply the number ‘two’ no matter what we do, say, think. Without the number ‘two,’ no if-then-else.

This is because X-and-Y means X-to-Y. Any conjunction, preposition, adjective, and-or, adverb, articulate a circle, connecting (and separating) X and Y. This means pi connects everything to everything, the coupling constant beneath mathematics, and linguistics, art and music, biology and technology.

This takes some serious thinking on your part. Deep thinking. For deep learning.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.