How Uncertainty, Relativity and Gravity in Physics Explains Everything in Psychology

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic across all disciplines.

Fungibility in nature exposes the identity of ‘one.’

That is, there is a hidden circle between and around any X and Y, therefore any object identified by a human, is dependent on the conservation of the number ‘two,’ and this simple dynamic (two as one and one as two) is replicated everywhere.

We can notice this on our own bodies, where two of anything are necessary for one and vice versa (basic symmetry) (where symmetry and asymmetry are a symmetric pair). Fungibility means we would expect to find this symmetric reproduction in the universe we know best, our selves.

And this universe should, then, by nature, generalize to any universe anywhere (fungibility).

Thus eye, ears, nose, duplicates, and replicates, breasts, belly buttons and genital organs, and these are replicated (reproduced) everywhere (elsewhere) in nature (look all around you) (on, and in, any body) (eye duplicates ear duplicates nose ad infinitum).

Thus, uncertainty, relativity and gravity in physics depends on a ‘two’ as ‘one,’ or, more formally, complementarity as the basis for identity (duplicity as the basis for any unit).

This explains why, if you look at a picture of yourself, and you block one half of your face, you will notice, easily, there are two people within (you) (because two is the basic number in nature) (not one). (Nature does not know the number ‘three.’) Two people (as one) (within) (uncertainty, relativity, gravity) explains all the dynamics (pathological and normal) in psychology.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.