If We Build It, They Will Come

How the ‘future’ is actualized by an ‘intelligent’ past (getting into the ‘real’ Theory of Everything)…

The Intelligent Design Center (Photo by Tobias Keller)

Technology: Zero and One

Three well-known Nobel Laureates in physics are already ‘embracing’ and ‘translating’ The Circular Theory into ‘mainstream’ physics. Turning ‘mainstream physics’ into ‘leading-edge’ physics. Along with many other thought-leaders (wanna-be-Nobel-Laureates) in physics, and, in many other disciplines.

They are unable to avoid, any of them, the ‘reality’ of a ‘circle.’ This is because yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern), circumference and diameter, of an uber-simple circle. Explaining technology, and biology, in general.

Meaning past and future are integrated, always, in the ‘present,’ again, by, an uber-simple, underlying, and over-riding, circle. Because the Conservation of a Circle is, obviously, the core dynamic in Nature. Explaining how, and why, all ideas, no matter how (when, why, where) they are expressed, or, in which discipline they reside, they all articulate an uber-simple circle (language and mathematics are not possible without the conservation of a circle).

Yin and Yang (Zero and One)
Circumference and DIameter (Conservation of the Circle)
Pi-Diameter-Circumference (Past-Present-Future)

Actualization: Zero and One

This is how a ‘plan’ is ‘actualized.’ That is, the diagram above (and, also, then, below) is how Nature digests (and actualizes) a ‘human’s’ plans. For any ‘reality’ in history.


That is, Nature is ‘intelligent’ because a zero is a one. Technically, a zero is half-the-time a one, meaning, for zero, and for one, half-the-time is all-the-time.

Half-time Whole-time

50–50: Zero and One

This means that 50–50 is 0–1. Or 1–0. Depending on your ‘point of view…’

0–1 1–0

Translated into ‘technical’ terms, if zero then one, means if one then zero (because you cannot have a ‘circumference’ without a ‘diameter’).

Psychology: Zero and One

So, if you ‘build’ it, ‘they’ will come. Meaning, if ‘we’ build it, ‘they’ will come, because ‘we’ and ‘they’ (you and I) conserve an uber-simple ‘circle.’ Explaining simple reproduction, and, of course, the ultra-ubiquitous ‘copy.’

One and Two
Me and You

Meaning, the number ‘two’ is the basis for ‘reality.’ Again, yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern).

So, once you have a ‘two’ (me and you, for example) you have created all of ‘reality.’ And, all of Nature (technically, and on-purpose). This is the natural Theory of Everything everybody already knows about.

Theory of Everything: Zero and One

That is you cannot have a ‘one’ without a ‘two’ and, always, vice-versa, and once you have a ‘two,’ you have a ‘plan’ where, ‘if you build it, they will (definitely) come.’

Future Past

Therefore, technically, the Intelligent Design Center ‘builds it ‘self’.’ Once you figure out (or are introduced to) the numbers (finance) behind it.

Finance (Binary and Decimal): Zero and One

That is, an intangible liability is a tangible asset. And, always, vice versa. Meaning an intangible asset is a tangible liability, and an intangible liability at the same time. So, when you work it all out, an intangible asset is a tangible asset (and, always, vice versa).

Meaning whatever you ‘think’ is real is already ‘real.’ Made ‘real’ by your ‘thinking about it.’ And, then, ‘believing’ in it. And, then, of course, acting ‘with it’ (doing something about it) to make it ‘true.’

Attention Intention Action (Pi Diameter Circumference)

So, this means, technically, from Nature’s point of view, there are only ‘two’ people in the universe: me and you. (Any ‘me’ and any ‘you.’) (Every ‘me’ and every ‘you.’) Many ‘me’s’ and ‘you’s’.

The Number Two: Zero and One

Meaning eight billion people reduces (and expands) to ‘two’ people (not-one). An uber-intangible-tangible-market.

Therefore the number ‘one’ is, technically, the number ‘two.’


Meaning, if you think about it carefully, mathematics is correct, only, half-the-time. Therefore, statistics do not always give us a ‘proper’ view. Because here and there (and then and now) are always joined (and separated) by an uber-simple circle.

Half and Whole: Zero and One

Meaning, Nature forces us to leave ‘half-of-everything’ out. Forcing everything into groups of ‘two.’

Here and There Then and Now
Half and Whole

Giving us true and false and yes and no and male and female and columns and rows.

X and Y
X and X

Complementary Identity: Zero and One

Where you cannot have an X without a Y (one other X). Meaning complementarity is the basis for (any, every) identity.

X and X’

Giving us the basis for a choice. A sequence. And, a pattern.

Y and N (left and right, up and down)
T and F

Ambiguity and Multiplicity: Zero and One

So, what we’re experiencing, by reading this article, is the ‘ambiguity’ and the ‘multiplicity’ (duplicity) in Nature. Where any ‘idea’ a human generates is based on (technically articulated by) the number ‘two.’ Meaning, the redundancy in Nature, generally, and, technically, on-purpose, confuses us.

Ambiguity and Duplicity (Multiplicity)

Meaning, Nature, as we all know, has no ‘point of view.’ It is based on an uber-simple repetition of the number ‘two.’ Again, because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter (an uber-simple circle controls everything).

Uber Simple Circle

Many People (One Person): Zero and One

So, if (and when) we build the Intelligent Design Center, we know, for sure, that many ‘people’ will come. Because they will want to ‘know’ how to navigate this uber-simple ‘circle.’ In order to survive the technological ‘reality’ (and chaos) the zero (circumference) and the one (diameter) must ‘create’ (has already ‘created’).

Survive and Reproduce

Meaning, no matter what ‘we’ do, ‘they’ are always conserving an uber-simple circle (explaining yin and yang) (good and bad) (right and wrong). Arguments, in general. (‘We’ and ‘they’ articulate an uber-simple circle.)

War and Peace (Conflict in General) We and They

Research, Publishing, Teaching: Zero and One

So, there you are. The Intelligent Design Center researches, publishes, and ‘trains’ people on ‘The Circular Theory.’ The only dynamic you need to understand, thoroughly, if you want to understand ‘reality.’ And, avoid war.

Nature included (and especially).

Reality (Nature) in General: Zero and One

Nature (and reality) is based on a binary choice, and translates, easily, into the decimal (financial) system. Because zero and one is, technically, circumference and diameter (yin and yang). No kidding. It’s all about the circle.

Binary and Decimal

Conservation of the Circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.

Scheduled Release Date 02/02/2020

The Circular Theory Reality TV Project here…



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