Illusions We All Live By

We are smarter than we think we are. But not smarter than Nature.

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There are several ‘illusions’ that we all live by. In fact, we’re taught them, all of them, in school.


These ‘illusions’ start, and end, with ‘mathematics.’ The whole idea that mathematics can deliver a perfect (or ‘better’) idea about ‘reality.’

Proving, eventually, and even ‘now,’ we are all smarter than we think we are.

First of all, let’s just get right to the point. The thing we’re told we are carrying around in our heads, our brains, is, also called, or thought of, as, our mind.

Mind is a singular, and, also, a plural idea. So, right off the bat we have to start (and end) with mathematics. Simple math. That tells the whole story (explains complexity).

There is a circular-linear relationship between the numbers one and two. This is because there is a circular-linear relationship between any X and X.

And we can only ‘understand’ this with the following diagram (which is a token for a circle) (the circular-linear relationship):

This diagram is the correct articulation (and explanation) for ‘X.’ Any ‘X.’ Every ‘X.’

Movement (The ‘Singularity’)

This is because the diagram articulates movement from X to X. All movement, any movement.

It, therefore, articulates any ‘X,’ meaning, any ‘noun’ and-or ‘verb.’ Since a noun is ‘singular’ and a verb is, always, plural. Again, a noun and a verb articulate the circular-linear relationship between one and two (female and male).

Explaining complementarity. Why we think (or believe) we are ‘different’ (or separate) from anything that is ‘not’ us.

This is an optical illusion we live every day. That is, the diagram is ‘reality.’ And all the rest is ‘observation.’ (Half-flawed.)

Observation gives us, at all times, one-half of reality. The other half is hidden. By Nature. Proving, everything we ‘see’ or think we ‘know’ (anything we describe in language) is an illusion.

Half and Whole


All languages describe the diagram above. Since the diagram above is the only way we can accurately understand what it is we already know in our mind.

This is because mind is a mathematical construction called ‘pi-diameter-circumference.’ Again, a token for a circle.

Meaning you cannot have pi without diameter and circumference, where, again, diameter and circumference are ‘tokens’ for a line and a circle (a one and a zero). And, the basis, then, for one-two-three (any number system).

Where one and zero (the basis for a circuit) (and, therefore, everything in technology) are tokens for a circle.

Thus, everything is a token for a circle. We already know this on some level. Why we don’t, any of us, trust anything we can ‘see’ with our eyes, or hear with our ears. Or observe as an algorithm. Of any kind.



Conservation of a circle is what holds everything together, and what allows us to ‘see’ (observe) (tokenize) the circular-linear relationship between an individual and a group.

Therefore, the diagram is all there is to ‘reality.’ Everything we ‘see’ in reality, no matter where it is or what’s its size.

This cancels out all of the ‘hope’ people (falsely) hold in ‘science’ and explains all of the bad things that happen because of science (any discipline). It, also, explains the ‘good’ things that happen because of science, and, why, there are always people who will question whether, or not, these are ‘actually’ ‘good’ things.

Therefore, underneath it all, none of us holds any illusions. We already know, all of us, that we are much smarter than the next guy (much smarter than we are told) we are. (Meaning, no such thing as the next guy.) (To Nature (and to our ‘real self’) we look like (we are) the diagram.) All of us (me and the next guy) (the numbers one and two).

Thus, the diagram is a reduction, and, therefore, also, an expansion (a tokenization) of everything in Nature. Something that is impossible to ‘get’ with words, numbers, algorithms, or observations (and-or measurements) of any kind.

Explaining why science, religion, and-or art, can only deliver ‘partial’ truths. Everything we think we know comes out of, because it went into, our minds.

And, therefore, it’s the mind (the diagram) we need to understand. Nature uses redundancy (multiplicity) (multiplication and division) to confuse us.


Therefore, no future, no past, no here, no there, no beginning, no end, no beginning or end to anything we think we know.

All of the activities taken on by anything and everything in Nature depend on observation which is another word for reproduction. Which is always the tokenization of a circle. And, thus, the conservation of a circle.

Explaining why sex is at the heart of (the purpose and the motivation) of everything (any nucleus).

Again, the diagram is reality for everything in Nature, because it is the tokenization of a circle, the token for the word ‘tokenization,’ and, therefore, the core (and, therefore, the only) dynamic in Nature (Conservation of a Circle). Biomemetics: The Tokenization of Reality eBook: Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

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