Where all goals are (already) achieved.

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If you believe in time and space, imagination allows you to engage, since time and space are, both of them, abstract concepts. As is imagination.

We can diagram time and space:

Time and Space

Because zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally. And, figuratively.

Zero and One (Circumference and Diameter)

Meaning there is a circular relationship between time and space, zero and one, circumference and diameter. Explaining why the abstract is, eventually, concrete (and, always, vice versa).

Abstract and Concrete

This explains why, and, also, how, we are, as humans, able to abstract reality. Think about reality. Imagine reality. Symbolize reality.


It also proves ‘pi’ has control of (explains) (is responsible for) reality. All of our imaginations about ‘reality.’


Meaning, the easiest way to achieve any goal is to imagine you have (already) achieved it, since, you already know, time and space are abstract concepts (abstractions).


Meaning, you don’t have to ‘wait’ for the ‘future,’ since the ‘future’ is ‘already’ here.

Present and Future

This is because, from ‘pi’s’ point of view, present and future (circumference and diameter) are the same.

Present is Future

Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in Nature explaining everything about ‘reality.’ Why imagination (pi) controls reality. And why you don’t need ‘experts’ to tell you what you (already) know.



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