Implications of A Circular Reality

All about perspective (self-sufficiency). Observation.

X and-or Y is zero and-or one. This is uber-simple to prove: complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit because a simple circle is conserved.

Meaning, there is an obvious circle between me (any ‘me’) and you (any ‘you’).

This surprises no ‘one.’ It means we already know, and we always ‘knew,’ and, we are always going to ‘know,’ everything we are ‘ever’ going to ‘know.’ Meaning, there is no such thing, technically, as time, and-or, space. Because ‘pi’ (a dimensionless ‘coupling constant’ also known as ‘mind’) is in control of ‘every’ ‘thing.’ Explaining how (and why) we ‘observe’ (observer and observation share an uber-conservative circle).

Personal Perspective

Giving you (and me) (the right, and the ‘mechanics,’ to ‘choose’) a personal perspective.

Again, something every ‘body’ knows. Down deep. Underneath it ‘all.’

So, this means we are constantly choosing between ‘life’ and ‘death,’ explaining addiction, repetitive behavior, good and bad, proxies for the numbers ‘zero’ (two) and ‘one.’ Again, meaning everything is proxy for everything else, and this takes some time to ‘notice.’ Think about. Integrate within any ‘realistic’ version of reality. (Even though there is no such thing as ‘reality.’)


It’s easiest for abstract ‘thinkers.’ Or ‘constant’ ‘feelers.’ Where thinker and feeler, like any one and zero, share a circular relationship (you can’t have one without the other).

Again, meaning, it’s easiest to figure everything out for one’s ‘self’ ‘alone.’ (Again, you can’t have thinking without feeling, and, always, vice versa).

Meaning, there is no separation between any ‘one’ (and any other ‘one’). And, again, on a very deep level, this is something everybody already ‘knows.’

X and Y. 0 and 1. M and F. T and F. Y and N.

Subject and Object 50–50

To take it back to ancient philosophers, who were interested in ‘knowing’ the derivation of the ‘sun’ (and its constant relationship to the ‘moon’), every human being is born on a ‘solstice’ and, also, therefore, conceived, on an equinox. Where ‘solstice’ is the astronomical (and astro-logical) object for the number ‘one,’ and ‘equinox’ is the astronomical ‘object’ for the number ‘two.’

Where astronomy and astrology articulate the same ‘reality.’ (Subject and object sharing an uber-basic ‘circle.’)

Meaning, hydrogen (anger) when ‘burned’ produces water (oxygen) (male and female) (happy and sad). Again, solstice produces equinox, and, always, vice versa.

Constant Argument

You will get an argument on this because traditionally we’re taught a ‘solstice’ is on the twenty-first day of the middle month in summer and winter, where summer turns to winter, and winter turns to summer. And, equinox, then is, ‘when,’ always, fall turns into spring and spring turns into fall, where, again, in the ‘decimal’ system, twenty-one is ‘two and one’ (one and one in binary).

However, this is an easy ‘argument’ to ‘win’ because it assumes time is a realistic rendering of ‘reality.’ When, everybody knows this can only be half-the-time ‘true.’ (You need ‘true’ for ‘false,’ and, always, vice versa).

Meaning, everything is 50–50 (like it or not, know it or not). Again, half-of me X, the other half Y. (All situations.) Definitely. Exactly 50–50. Double identity (indemnity).

Oppositional Reality

So, this means a ‘perspective,’ on any topic, always makes the ‘opposing’ perspective ‘real.’

So, again, if you are first-born, you’re used to dominating and if you’re second-born, you’re used to being dominated. Explaining extraverted and introverted behavior (domination and submission).

But, once again, you can’t have either without both, and this explains why explosions occur in all realities. The introverted any thing is going to resent the extrovert, turning tables, half-the-time, making the world go ‘round and ‘round, explaining, rotation, radiation, revolution. The extravert (introvert) can only have his-or-her-or-its ‘way’ half-the-time).

Either-or. Both-and. 50–50. One and two. Zero and one.

Half-the-Time is All-the-Time (No Such Thing As Time)

Explaining why we all ‘love’ and-or ‘hate’ everything. (Half the time).

So, there it is. All of it. You can decide for yourself where you are in all of this. All of us already know where you ‘are’ in all of ‘it.’ You’re half-the-time controlling, the other half ‘controlled’ by what’s around you (inside and out).

You’re all-the-time, and so am ‘I,’ in a self-sufficient ‘state.’ Explaining why ‘everything changes’ even though ‘nothing is changing.’

Etc. and Vice Versa


You get this.


Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in ‘nature.’



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