In Denial, 50–50

We’re always in denial about something. Probably, the important thing. Whatever that is. For you.

Denial plagues everyone, whether they (or you) (or I) want to admit it. We see what we want to see, and, we have learned to, ignore the other-stuff. This means we are, probably, not going to change. Ever.

So, what. Why is this bad? Or good?

Well, actually it’s neither. Nature is going to force denial on all of us, because there is a mandatory, hidden, circle between X and Y, meaning it’s 50–50, observer-observation. Whether you realize it, or not. Whether you want to realize it, or not.

And, that, pretty much, sums everything up, about everything (and everyone). Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. It explains all the good stuff. And, also, all of the bad. Without realizing it, everybody gets this. (Well, to be fair. And, accurate. Half-of-us gets it.) (I am just drawing your attention to it.)