Individualism: Reasonable Philosophy for a Digital Age

Selfish and selfless, everyone, 50–50.ter

Understanding Individualism

The objective, correlation, and mathematics of an individual articulate the conservation of a circle. Therefore, survival and reproduction (duality, universality, relativity, uncertainty, security, identity, and actuality), are dependent on duplicity (the monetization of universal circularity).

Meaning, complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit (quantum entanglement (conservation of a circle) is the core dynamic in nature).

The Objective

Monetizing Circularity: Strategic psychological insight, reality is 50–50.

Teaching Circular Realism: Objectifying conflict resolution and goal achievement, circularity is involved in everything.

Engaging Strategic Thinking: Capitalizing identity, complementarity, universal duplicity, a hidden circle is the basis for any assumption (action).

The Correlation

Maximizing Universal Circularity: Correlating a liability and an asset presents and solves all problems.

Generating a Natural Neural Network: Profiting from the circularity in everything, produces exponential expansion, basis for mathematics.

The Mathematics: Zero and one is X and Y (variable is constant) (and vice versa).

Enjoying Sustainable Perpetuity

Accessing the Meaning of None: Experiencing a truly integrated reality, universal 50–50.

Integrating How and Why: Taking a shortcut.

Realizing: It’s all about you.

Applying Individualism

So, to that end, a peace project (prosperity) is simple: use the (natural) circle of life to balance the (circular) reality within.

This means applying circularity and individualism using three (natural, already-accepted, and desired) platforms: the happiness project, the despair project, and, the truth project.

Take your pick, they are all, basically the same, from an essential (circular) perspective which follows (applicable to any and all organizations and institutions) (public and private service):

Enjoying Sustainable Perpetuity (The Happiness Project)

I Just Want To Be Beautiful (reality educates people on how anyone can be brilliant, rich and beautiful using the Circular Theory) (all a matter of complementary perspective).

Financial Intelligence (Circular Theory is the basis for a universally stabilizing fiscal policy) (teaching people the basics of sound finance) (basic budgeting) (real relationship between asset and liability) (income and expense) (savings and investment).

64Dates (dating engages everyone to prove general relativity is present in every relationship) (find and keep a partner) (using emotional and intuitive intelligence) (dealing with repressed anger) (hero complex) (separation anxiety).

Accessing The Meaning of None (The Despair Project)

Going Solo (house plans and financial intelligence supports self-sufficiency and survival) (after you’re tired of the ‘dating’ stuff) (after you’ve mastered the ‘dating stuff’) (understanding addiction) (boredom).

Rethinking Reality and Modern Dao (using Circular Theory to expose the underlying relationship between religion and science) (integrating physics, mathematics, psychology, and technology).

The Counter-terrorism Initiative (using Circular Theory as a project to eliminate global conflict and provide a blueprint for new-millennia political structures) (understanding the circular relationship between protection and projection).

Experiencing A Truly Integrated Reality (The Truth Project)

Psychological Physics (accessing quantum entanglement as the core assumption and the basis for the lie as a protective mechanism in nature) (defense mechanisms) (escape mechanisms).

The Penumbra Affair (Scorpio Rising and The Third Element) (The Third Coming) (war and peace projects to build public awareness of The Circular Theory) (globalism vs individualism).

The Integrated Thought Institute Meditation Center agricultural land conservation, virtual reality meditation project, for the technologically overloaded to regenerate and recharge (medication, meditation).


The Circle of Life means we cycle through despair and hope, faith and love, until we find our place on the planet (in a group, individually). This means we go ‘round in circles, forced to ‘selling out’ in one way or another (experience despair) (50–50).

Still, we’re ‘happy’ because that’s what we ‘wanna do.’ ‘Can’t bring us down…’ (experience happiness) (50–50).

And, then, we face war, personal and public, individual and group (50–50) (starting in the human family).

So the way to optimize this (turn it into prosperity) is to acknowledge it, in public, and, more important, in private. Thus, we can move on, as ‘the spirit of life reminds us ‘WAIT’ ‘there’s no mountain too great.

The major insight: nature (a hidden circle) watches over everything, in your reflection they live in you (and me) (us) (all of us).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.