The Information Economy

Everything in a human ‘universe’ (a human mind) depends upon finance (perpetual exchange). Providing the rational explanation for (all of the) ‘information’ in every, and any, discipline.

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One, two, and-or, three, is, pi, diameter, and-or, circumference.

The Information Economy

This explains the information economy.

One, Two, and-or, Three
Pi, Diameter, and-or, Circumference

Producing the universal system architecture (and the general relativity) (more correctly, the absolute relativity) called ‘Nature.’

Zero (Circumference)
One (Diameter)

Tokenization (Conservation) of a Circle

Everything in every, and any, universe, abstract and-or concrete, depends upon the tokenization (and, thus, the conservation) (the representation) of an uber-basic circle.

Where one-zero and one-one (one-circumference and one-diameter) produces an unlimited ‘number’ of ‘zeroes’ and ‘ones’ (circumferences and diameters).

Why everything in a human universe (a human mind) (all disciplines) (philosophy, physics, psychology, biology, technology, media) depends upon (and, therefore, is forced to, mimic) finance. (Think: perpetual exchange.)

Tokenization (Representation) (Conservation) of an Uber-Basic Circle
Information Economy (Perpetual Exchange)

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature. The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store
The Virtual Persona: How artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the universe, validate, and operate using, a singular identity.: Yardley, Ilexa: 9781973831815: Books


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The Circular Theory ( Ilexa Yardley: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle The Cryptic Universe: How Technology is Answering Our Deepest Questions about Reality eBook : Yardley, Ilexa



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