Integrated Thought Institute-Intelligent Design Center: Visionary Founders

Monetization in general.

Integrated thinking.

Goal: Multiply global GDP by four.


Launching a virtual training organization to teach universal circularity to everyone, integrating all disciplines, and age groups. Zero and one explains, and integrates, finance, technology, biology, physics, philosophy, psychology.

Founders are owners (uber model). To become a founder, take a three hour class, $5000, based on Circular Reality: The Relationship Between Artificial and Absolute Intelligence and The Virtual Persona. More at The Circular Theory Roadmap. Also, The (Real) Theory of Everything.

The goal is to multiply global GDP by four to protect the current value of international financial assets.


Taking the three hour class qualifies you to teach others who are interested in becoming a founder, and, also, teaching a class.

Founders receive half of what they charge for any class they teach. Ongoing, founders also receive half of institute income, half based on longevity as a founder, half based on income founder generates.

No retained earnings and no expenses. No BS. Just the monetization of time, pure and simple.


Book income accrues to the Institute (to be distributed to founders). Business plan and marketing information in Common Knowledge. Easy to sell and grow organically, over time, based on interest, simple word of mouth. Material is extensive, easy to access, and already developed.

Founders are committed to enlightening others about The Circular Theory (complementary perspective) (core dynamic in nature). Founders monetize the human opinion, clarify its origination, shedding light on how everything fits together, building value, and cash flow, for the long term.

Competitive advantage/barrier to entry: you understand the circularity between competitive advantage and barrier to entry (meaning, there is only one ‘you’) (sharing a circular relationship with ‘me’) (many me’s and you’s) (expands and reduces to one me and one you) (the number two).


Market is 2.5billion people (1/4 global population) x 2% (50m people globally) (for now). Eventually, all people. Ongoing need, since, as of yet, very few people have heard of The Circular Theory (so you have a head start, if you are reading this) (and, if you are interested).

Project is timely, global philosophy for a digital age, using intuition, to supplement, intellectual awareness, as well as understanding the circular relationship between artificial and human intelligence, virtual and actual reality. See Circular Reality and The Virtual Persona for the basics. And proof for The Circular Theory. See, also, how to create reality.


Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic (the only dynamic) in nature (meaning anything you can imagine is already materialized) (monetization is a function, and a factor, of time).


Financials (20,000 participants)

Cash from financing $100,000,000

Cost of Sales $50,000,000

Dividends Class Y $25,000,000

Dividends Class X $12,500,000

Cash on hand $12,500,000

Class X founders. Class Y channel owners.

Repeat projects same financials. (Perpetual cash flow.) 12.5% perpetual ‘return.’



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