Integrated Thought & The Circular Theory

Read a book, take a class, teach a class.

Integrated Thought (Photo by The Climate Reality Project)

We have reached a point, now, where technology has integrated everything (with everything). This is proven by the Circular Theory (circular reality). Pointing the way to an Integrated Thought Institute (integrated thinking) (integrated thought concepts).

It starts with an understanding of what the universe (and technology) (nature, in general) is trying to accomplish. This is answered, easily, by, the conservation of a circle. Survival and reproduction, universally, is conservation of a circle.

This explains not only why the universe ‘is,’ it also explains ‘how’ the universe is. Meaning, the universe is, most correctly, a circle of circles. Nothing more, or less. A circle can only circle. And, only a circle can circle. No matter how many circles. One circle (the number two).

The Number ‘Two’: Foundational

Therefore, zero and one articulate, and must conserve, a circle (circumference and diameter). Explaining rotation. Revolution. Radiation. And, everything else (the co-dependence) in nature.

Therefore, along with learning about technology, we have to learn the circular theory, if we want to ‘guide’ where we are ‘going’ with technology. Technology must conserve a circle (the zero and the one) in order to survive. This may, or may not, include, the earth.

Therefore human ethics is at the forefront of technology. If humans plan to survive. If humans want to survive.

Integrated Thought: Transformational

Conservation of the circle, as it relates to integrated thought, learning, and teaching, etc. is transformational. Dependent on the (human) expectation and the self-sufficient state. Collapses physics, psychology, philosophy, economics, biology, and, technology, into, the zero, and, the one.

This takes us to any version of reality created by our mind(s). Explains artificial intelligence and its relationship to virtual reality. Identity and its relationship to consciousness. The self-fulfilling prophecy. The trillionaire.

So, it’s easy, to understand, universal circularity (relativity in general) resolves all conflicts, and, achieves all goals. Depending on your point of view. Attachment to desire, willingness to let go, of, any (singular) point of view.

Conservation of the Circle: Nature’s nature.

Everything else falls into place, naturally.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.