Intelligence in Nature

Ilexa Yardley
Aug 10, 2018 · 2 min read

An underlying ‘cycle’ proves ‘conservation of a circle.’

An underlying ‘cycle’ in Nature proves the ‘conservation of a circle.’ This is good (and bad) for all of us. An even 50–50.

It looks like this:

Conservation of a circle.

We can understand this, easily, by visualizing M and F as 0 and 1 (above). Where 0 and 1 are circumference and diameter of an underlying circle. Again, meaning, Nature is an even 50–50 (pi is the correct terminology for ‘mind’).

This means, as we all know, everything re-circulates, explaining ‘relativity’ in physics, and ‘sanity’ in psychology. Life and death in biology. Zero and one in technology. Ontology and epistemology (everything) in philosophy. True and false, yes and no, black and white, in reality.

Zero gives ‘intelligence’ to ‘one,’ and, always, vice versa. Meaning, in an underlying, uber-basic, circle, if zero, then one (and, always, vice versa). Explaining movement and perspective.

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter. To-and-from. Then-and-now.

Because, again, from a ‘circle’s point of view,’ if circumference, then, diameter (and, always, vice versa) (see the diagram above).

Explaining to-and-from, inside-and-outside, here-and-there, then-and-now.

So, this is pretty easy to understand. Get your ‘head’ around. Maximize, or minimize, according to your ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ Independent of the discipline, or, even, your ‘level of understanding.’ Complementarity and identity are endemic to any ‘reality.’ And this is something everybody understands.

Complementary identity. 50–50.

Meaning, 50–50 explains it ‘all.’

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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