Interpersonal Opposition

Why people fight. Untangling the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard ‘reality.’

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The core dynamic in Nature is the conservation of a circle. Which looks, technically, like this:

Circumference and-or Diameter

Complementary Identity

This means complementarity is responsible (and required) for identity (where you need both in order to have either) (no true without false) (no yes without no) (no right without wrong) (etc.) :

Complementarity (X and X’)
Identity (X and Y)

Which means there is no way out of interpersonal opposition. Because, from Nature’s point of view, 50–50 is the constant. And, the norm.


So, if we think about this more deeply, it is impossible to have a half without a whole. And this explains why all of us have ‘two’ sides (good and bad) (true and false) (right and wrong) (light and dark) (realistic and idealistic). Why it’s, technically, impossible to see our ‘selves’ (and-or ‘others’) clearly (observation can only give us half-the view).

Half and Half
Half and Whole

Nature’s Requirement (Sex)

And, over time, we all experience this in our lives. Especially in interpersonal relationships. Which are, naturally, driven by (Nature’s requirement for) sex. (Which. eventually, gets all of us into ‘trouble.’) The ‘right’ partner is the ‘wrong’ partner, half-the-time (and, always, vice versa).

Male and Female

So, this equalizes behavior in all systems. Holding all of us responsible for everything that goes right, and everything that goes wrong, in relationships (of any kind) (in all disciplines).

Thus, arguments are unavoidable, because, underneath it all, before we start, while we’re going through it, and after it ends, half-of-me likes you. The other half, not-so-much.

The Truthful Liar

Exposing the liar that is resident (required) in all of us.

Love and Hate
Truthful Liar

Therefore, over time, all of us, in one way or another, detach. Explaining the appeal (and, maybe the necessity) of drugs and alcohol.

Why we take all points of view with a grain of salt (we’re all naturally skeptical) (we see the opposite point of view in all things). Why people involve themselves in relationships they know are, ultimately, going to be ‘unhealthy.’ (50–50.)

Continual Interpersonal Conflict and Anger

Any point of view makes the opposing point of view ‘real.’ Thus, we’re all angry with Nature (the 50–50 that can never go away). Explaining magical thinking (that completely throws all of us off-course, half-the-time, thus, over time, all the time). The tokenization of a disappointing reality. That we cannot avoid. Producing escape mechanisms, avoidance mechanisms, defense mechanisms of all kinds, including violence, abuse, and denial (the ‘death wish’ in general).

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature. Why we hate arguments (and why we cannot avoid them). Why we rely on self-sufficiency in order to ‘get us through.’ All supposed-realities. (All disciplines.) Why it can be sickening to hear one person’s point of view (Depp-Heard) (we are all completely focused on (because we’re naturally aware of) the opposing point of view). No way we can avoid the opposing ‘narrative’ (interpersonal opposition) no matter what we do.

Any (and Every) Narrative

Why someone ‘marries’ someone and then changes the narrative, aware, always, of the conservation of a circle present within the relationship (in their own personality) (in Nature in general). (Why all of us project our fear and anxiety onto others.) No avoiding ‘fear’ and-or ‘anxiety,’ even with drugs. (No matter how much ‘money’ is involved.)

The ‘Truth’ About ‘Reality

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature. The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store
The Cryptic Universe: How Technology is Answering Our Deepest Questions about Reality — Kindle edition by Yardley, Ilexa. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @



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