Intuition vs. Intellect

Psychology vs. Math

Intuition vs Intellect (Photo by Veronique Estie)

We have, all of us, two ways of evaluating ‘Nature.’ Intuition. And, intellect.

Intuition and Intellect

Intuition is psychological and intellect is mathematic. Where psychology is the circular relationship between id and superego, and math is the circular relationship between individual and group.

Intuition and Intellect
Id and Superego
Individual and Group

You could think of this as top-down vs bottom-up. Meaning, our intuition delivers a ‘whole’ picture. While our ‘intellect’ delivers a ‘partial’ picture. Where, there is, naturally, a circular relationship between whole and partial.

Whole and Partial

We can translate this into technical terms. Zero and one is yin and yang. Literally. And, figuratively.

Zero and One
Yin and Yang
Literal and Figurative

Time and No Time

Allowing us to ‘see,’ the ‘top-down’ approach (intuition) is the same as the ‘bottom-up’ approach (intellect). Over ‘time.’

Now we have the ‘question’ of ‘time.’ Where intuition is ‘so much faster’ than intellect. Over ‘time.’ (If there is such-a-thing-as ‘time.’)

Fast and Slow

Which is related to ‘seeing’ the ‘big’ picture, vs, seeing a slice in time, which leaves out, always, half-the-picture.

Half and Whole

Meaning, intuition, and intellect, both deliver ‘accurate’ results, half-the-time. Explaining why a human believes in both (intuition and intellect) all-the-time.

Both and Either

Meaning, you have to have both (intuition and intellect) in order to have either.


Meaning, both intuition and intellect deliver ‘wrong’ answers. Half-the-time.

Right and Wrong

Sensing and Switching

This explains why all of us resort to ‘testing’ in order to ‘figure things out…’

A B Test

Though, technically, this test doesn’t do anything ‘for’ us, as illustrated above.

So, we resort to ‘sensing.’ Emotional reacting. When intellect (and intuition) fails us. Explaining all of the ‘bad’ things about ‘humans’ (and Nature).


Explaining why there are ‘mistakes’ in Nature (from a human’s point of view).

While, from Nature’s point of view, there are no mistakes. No intuitional or intellectual analyses, no emotion. No sensors. And no switches. (No ‘bad’ things.)

Just an uber-simple circle. Conserving itself (circling) through ‘time.’

Circumference and Diameter

Maturity and Mind

Meaning, as we ‘mature,’ we understand this. And, we become more sensitive. To the mistakes our ‘senses’ deliver.

Sense and Nonsense

Explaining why half-the-time we just retreat into our own ‘mind.’ Which, in today’s world, is evidenced by ‘smart phone-human-addiction.’ Technically ‘pi.’ Taking over.

Smart-phone and Human

While we’re ‘one with our smart phone’ we’re just circling through ‘time.’ (Where, in ‘mind’ there is no ‘time.’) As the smart phone allows us to just ‘pass (what we’re used to labeling) the time.’

Time and No-Time

Teaching us, when we’re ‘ready’ (sensitive enough) (intuitive enough) intellectual (emotional) enough, to ‘receive it,’ that…

The conservation of a circle marches all of us through ‘time.’ (Erases ‘us’ and ‘time.’)Where ‘pi’ is an ‘other’ word for both ‘mind’ and ‘time.’ (Intuition and intellect.)

Conservation of a circle.

Conservation of a Circle

Conservation of the Circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature. Explaining what a human labels ‘intuition,’ ‘intellect,’ ‘sensitivity,’ ‘mind’ (the smartphone) and ‘time.’

Invest in The Circular Theory…



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