IOP: Get it Straight

Input-output-process is never (it is not) a transformation.

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A transformation is, always, thought of as, input-process-output. More, correctly, input-output-process. Meaning IOP is diameter-circumference-pi literally (and, figuratively) (explaining the metaphor) (meta-reality) (transformers) (transformation theory) (representation theory) (constructor theory). This is because there is an always-conserved circle between any X and (or) Y.

Where IOP is, naturally (and universally), then, assumed.


Self-Referential Recursion

This proves there is no such thing as a transformation (of any kind).

Tokenization means there is an underlying (always-conserved) circle in control (any XYZ is, necessarily, XY) (where you need both to have either) (so, technically, they cancel each other out) (no IOP) (no PID) (no diameter) (no circumference) (no anything). (Tokenization is the correct word for transformation.)

Self-referential recursion makes tokenization (any transformation) a circular process, no matter how you define it.

Tokenization (Transformation)

Tokenization (Arguments in General)

If you are inclined to argue, you are proving, and, also, dis-proving, your own argument (all arguments are circular) (explaining why language and, so-called- communication) (information in general) does not get us (any of us) anywhere.

Information (communication) (tokenization) of any kind is, always, the conservation of a circle. (Where, whether we are ready to accept it or not, we are all tokens for the exact same ‘reality’ (the diagram)). Explaining Tik-Tok, why, and how, we, all of us, (attempt to) articulate the exact same reality (no matter what we do) (again, the diagram controls (and explains) everything).


Thus, Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature (explaining (what a human experiences as) ‘observation’) (identity) (complementarity) (communication) (transportation) (transformation) (representation) (symbolization) (any (and every) process) (tokenization) (the diagram) (a non-existent (self-selected) ‘reality’). The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

Readers are reminded this material is Copyright Ilexa Yardley all rights reserved.



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