Jason Bourne

The reality about ‘identity’ that every person needs to ‘know…’

Pi-Diameter-Circumference (Photo by Park Street on Unsplash)

If you are a Jason Bourne fan, and, even if you’re not, you understand the metaphor called ‘identity.’ Where ‘identity’ is always the (metaphor for a) ‘circle.’ Because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter (a zero without a one) (explaining identity, and the ‘search’ for identity, in general).

Jason Bourne is a metaphor for the human’s search for identity, the human’s search for Nature’s identity, also known, in psychology, philosophy, and physics, as the search for meaning, and ‘truth,’ in general. Why we, always, all of us, want to get to the ‘bottom’ of (the truth for) ‘everything.’

Meaning we are searching for something we, already, know. Zero and one is circumference and diameter. The base identity called ‘a circle.’ Which is ‘Nature’s identity’ (and the ‘identity’ for identification (every person, place, thing), in general).

One and Zero
One and One

Identification in General (The Number Two)

This is because identity depends upon the number ‘two.’ (An ‘alternative,’ or a ‘counter,’ identity.) (A contra-identity.) (A subconcsious identity.) (A supra-conscious identity.)

Where the number ‘two’ is a metaphor for the number ‘one.’ Meaning it’s impossible to ‘know’ our own identity unless we know about the conservation of a circle. Which is what Jason Bourne is ‘all about…’ (virtual identity).

Virtual Identity

This is how humans ‘identify’ reality. That is, ‘reality’ is the circular relationship between (any) (every) X and Y. (X and X).

Reality: At Least, and, At Most, Two Identities

Meaning, all of us have at least, and at most, ‘two’ identities. Which in a circular ‘reality’ means a multiplicity of identities.

This means a unit circle is not exactly correct. Because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter, so, the unit circle, really, looks like this:

Unit Circle

Meaning, pi is, technically, the only identity. The identity behind identity. Explaining how, and why, identity is ‘virtual’ (and, artificial). Why identity begins, and ends, within the ‘mind.’

Artificial Identity

The Identity Called ‘Mind’: The ‘Reality’ Called ‘Pi’

Explaining how, and why, we use our ‘mind’ in order to decipher (decode) (code) (identify)(confuse) ‘identity.’

Where the mathematical (most accurate) name for identity (identification as a noun and-or verb) for ‘mind’ is ‘pi.’


Why Jason Bourne was obsessed with (his) identity. And, why this obsession made for a great set of movies. Where all ‘movies’ (art and literature in general) articulate (the search for) an always-present circle.

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic (identity) in Nature. Explaining the obsession called ‘identity.’ Exposing, and explaining, the identity behind identity.




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